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Dear Democrats…

Carl Gibson, co-founder of US Uncut and writer wrote an open letter to Democrats that he allowed us to re-post here.  We think its very relevant to not only the New Hampshire Democratic party but a much wider demographic than just young folks, we think most all Democrats and progressives, including many in the upper years would agree with the point Carl makes: From Reader Supported News

Carl Gibson appearing on MSNBC to discuss the Affordable Care Act. (photo: MSNBC)

Open Letter to Democrats From a Disillusioned Young Voter


ear Democrats,

Are you listening? President Obama says he hears us. He says that people don’t have a reason to show up to vote if the politicians they have to choose from don’t motivate them. He’s partially right. But that’s only part of a much larger problem. To all you would-be elected officials looking for my generation’s support at the polls, listen closely – get populist or get ready to lose bad.

2014’s low voter turnout was historic. Voter turnout actually hasn’t been this low since the 1940s. As Mother Jones pointed out, voter turnout for people under 30 was dismal. In this election, people like me only made up 12 percent of those who voted, while people aged 60 and older made up almost 40 percent of total voters. In 2012, when President Obama was re-elected and Congressional Democrats made gains in the House and Senate, millennials made up almost one-fifth of all voters, and voters 60 and older made up just 25 percent of the electorate, bringing us a little closer to a tie. It isn’t hard to see the difference – this year, Republicans steamrolled you, Democrats, because most of us stayed home and let our Fox-watching uncles and grandparents decide on who was going to represent everyone else.

So how do older people pick who runs Congress? Like every other voting bloc, they pick the ones who run on issues most important to them. And as Vox reported, data consistently shows that younger people want their tax dollars spent on education and job creation. Older voters want their money spent on Social Security and war. The Republicans who swept the U.S. Senate ran largely on fear campaigns over ISIS, promising to be more hawkish than their opponents in an eagerness to pour money and troops into Iraq and Syria to snuff out America’s newest boogeyman.

Read the rest at: Open Letter to Democrats From a Dissillusioned Young Voter

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Cop Killing With Cantwell

Our esteemed susanthebruce blog just posted a great analysis of Chris Cantwell, an individual of some controversy within the Free State Project, mostly because he takes the Non-Aggression Principle to its logical end and well, that makes some Free Staters a little uncomfortable.  The Free Staters like to say Cantwell was banned from the Free State Project but as the photos below illustrate and as Susanthebruce points out, that just doesn’t appear to be the case or they’ve changed their minds.

Anyway, more of Susan’s excellent points on Cantwell below:

Cop Killing With Cantwell

This is Chris Cantwell. This is his Halloween costume, worn at a recent Free State Project convention in Keene.

He moved to NH as part of the Free State Project, the armed band of miscreants that are moving, en masse, to colonize NH, take over and dismantle our state government, then threaten secession.

Cantwell wants to kill cops. Well, not really – he wants to “inspire” other people into killing cops.

Read the rest here: Cop Killing With Cantwell

Cantwell on "media" panel.

Cantwell on “media” panel, Keenevention 2014.


Cantwell with Ian “Freeman” (formerly Bernard) at 2013 Keenevention.

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Say You’re Not Racist Again…

Ayn Rand no doubt approves Charlie's message.

Ayn Rand no doubt approves Charlie’s message.

Someone going by the moniker “Charlie McFreman ” (we see what you did there, apparently ‘freeman’ has run its course hasn’t it?)  sent us this Facebook message they received in what they are assuming is in regard to the blog posts about Free Staters:

You are nothing but a bigoted piece of s***t. F*** you and your irrational hatred. I saw what you said about someone I know to be an amazing and wonderful person based solely on a label. Do you hate niggers too? F*****g biggot. How do you look at yourself in the mirror?

Charlie McFeman

Charlie McFreman

This represents the ‘movement’ their adherents want people to think is full of love and light.  Also, as was stated repeatedly on the person’s Facebook page (which we assume generated this because the post was placed there), the writer did not attack Elizabeth Edwards’ personally BUT made the point that one’s integrity in their actions speaks volumes about their inner character.   Also, these people strongly advocate carrying guns, open carrying and concealed carry everywhere and spew this kind of hatred.  But they want us to belief they are harmless.

Edwards might want to make sure that those representing her as a kind and wonderful individual at least make an attempt to present themselves that way as well.  Otherwise it kind of cancels out the message entirely.  But then again, they may carry on, why stop them? Be as you will, everyone can see it.

Also,  B-I-G-O-T.  Since its obvious the writer is one, he might as well learn to spell it correctly.


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Voter Fraud Allegations False Once Again

New Hampshire Tax Payer’s Coalition, NH Tea Party and political gadfly and general annoyance Richard Girard created a flurry of excitement at hopefully finding an example of the voter fraud Republicans are certain is destroying democracy and getting Democrats into power.  Unfortunately for them and their impending fame and fortune, what actually occurred was a recording error among voter history.  Breathlessly anticipating we’re sure, an inquiry and criminal proceedings that would bring down the liberal cabal holding Americans against complete corporate utopia and cause a surge in their popularity among the wing-nut brigade , Richard Girard (nitpicking bore with a radio show and podcast that uses the bandwidth of a hair dryer and about as much hot air), the Tea Baggers and the The League of the Shamelessly Greedy NH TPC have found their momentum upward halted quite quickly.  Fortunately for all of them (although not for us) the tumble to the ground was a short one.

As Granite State Progress notes, the group harassed a regular guy just doing his civic duty to engage in the voting process, “For the last month, Naile, CNHT, and the NH Tea Party have relentlessly alleged fraud by a former New Hampshire voter, using social media graphics and posts on Granite Grok and Girard at Large to defame an American citizen who did his civic duty to vote in every election.”


Illegal voting allegations  out of Wilton

Thursday, November 6, 2014



WILTON – According to an organization called Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers, and as shown on their website, resident Jared Cram voted twice in presidential elections in 2008 and 2012, both in Wilton and near Philadelphia.

Click here for the whole story broke by The Cabinet out of Wilton, NH.


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On the New Racist Discourse in America

Can’t be said enough.

Matthew Barlow

So Ben Stein thinks that Obama is the most racist president in the history of this great republic.  He thinks so because allegedly Obama “is purposely trying to use race to divide Americans,” and is using the ‘race card’ to convince all African Americans to vote for the Democratic Party.  Ben Stein is wrong.

Obama is not the racist one, but Stein is tapping into a new discourse of racist ideology arising from the right in this country.  In this discourse, anyone who mentions race as an issue in contemporary American life risks being called a racist.  Anyone who points out racial inequality is at risk of being branded racist.  In the mindset of those who trumpet this new discourse, we’re all equal, no matter our ethnicity, gender, sexual preference, or racial background.  And any attempt to point out inequality is therefore racist/sexist/homophobic, etc, by definition.

But what this discursive…

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After Its Disastrous Defeat on November 4, Which Way Now for the Labor Movement?

A cogent analysis and a basic question that progressive everywhere ponder. Most already know the direction to take.

The Labor Fightback Blog

There is no disagreement within the labor movement that we took a very big hit in the November 4 elections. Labor’s worst enemies among the politicians — Scott Walker in Wisconsin and John Kasich in Ohio, who led the charge against public employees’ bargaining rights — registered significant victories. A large number of other Republicans across the country share their anti-labor bias.

But what about the Democratic Party, supposedly the party that represents the interests of workers? It was repudiated by millions of workers who either stayed home on Election Day or cast their ballots for the Republicans.

In 2008, Obama was elected president, and Democrats won control of both Houses of Congress. Hope was in the air. But in short order, the Democratic Party betrayed its promises to labor —- without whom the Democrats could never have won the election. No legislation guaranteeing full employment was enacted. No infrastructure…

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When Does Shock Value Lose its Free Speech Rights?

Traveling the wards on election day in Manchester gleaned some interesting snapshots, such as the one with Elizabeth Edwards at Ward 4; she was a great sport with the picture taking.  But aside from the usual stock of candidate’s sign holders, Ward 6, at St. Pius Catholic Church on Candia Road, had an especially peculiar election day sign holder.

Right at the entrance to the walkway was poised a woman holding a gigantic, nearly 4′ x 5′ sign in front of her.  The picture was so huge that it was visible all the way down the driveway across the large parking lot.  A gigantic graphic photo of what appeared a D and C procedure blasted the viewing space of everyone heading into the polls.

Such images represent a sort of violent assault to one’s senses.  If you notice in the picture, the woman is given wide berth by people doing their visibility obligations.  Such a graphic image is deeply unsettling.  Aside from the fact that a D&C is not a standard elective abortion procedure but used only in medical emergencies, thus such pictures are deceptive, should zealots be allowed to assault voters with such images?  What if anti-war protesters decided to jump on the wagon too and carry graphic signage of children blasted apart by bombs?  While all progressives and even libertarians hold strong anti-war positions, do they do this on a regular basis and if not why?  Imagine such a scene if you will; the polling places would begin to look like a war zone and would possibly repel voters from even making the walk to the polling place entrance.

Click here for the full, graphic horror.

One of the two Democrats who stood holding signs said, “Yeah and whether you’re pro-life or not is such a sign necessary to prove your point; we’re all against child pornography but we don’t carry around images of the act to prove our point.”  Exactly.  The young man said that some of the people even on the Republican side occasionally walked over and tried to stand in front of the woman to at least hide her image from small children.  But the woman would have none of it and would change position accordingly.

As it is, one has to wonder how parents with small children dealt with this imagery.  Its a solid tradition in our country for parents to bring their children with them to the polling place, should voting be associated with graphic images of death, much less dead babies, which can be doubly upsetting to children?  Is this the imprint of the voting experience that we want on children’s minds?

We called the Secretary of State’s office and spoke to the Deputy Secretary of State yesterday, she said that the moderator of the polling place has a lot of leeway in deciding what is disruptive in signage or other activities.  We note that of all the polling places we visited in Manchester (barring Wards 11 and 12 which we weren’t able to get to), this was the only location that hosted this type of signage.

So the question must be asked, does this poster represent a disruption to voters that day?  At what point does “free speech” intersect with the public’s interests for not being visually assaulted? Wouldn’t a poster or sign asking voters to vote pro-life been sufficient to satisfy free speech and get the message to voters?

We offer up here a poll for our readers:

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November 5, 1855

Today in Labor History

m07-elec-post-480Eugene V. Debs – labor leader, socialist, three-time candidate for president, and first president of the American Railway Union — is born. “The Republican and Democratic parties, or to be more exact, the Republican-Democratic party, represent the capitalist class in the class struggle. They are the political wings of the capitalist system and such differences as arise between them relate to spoils and not to principles.”

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So Where is James Pindell?


James has surfaced and is apparently still able to exercise his right to function as a reporter as he posted something on Seacoast online.  Also he’s still calling himself a WMUR reporter so we’ll assume he just needed a minor readjustment break after handing Brown his ticket to nowhere.

The political reporter for WMUR the only major New Hampshire commercial television station beautifully laid the bombshell that showed Scott Brown for the clueless carpet-bagger that he was.  See video:

James Pindell asked a very rational and obvious question, one that required some knowledge of simple geography of the state and that opened an opportunity to demonstrate some knowledge of the area.  Really a typically banal question a debate panelist will throw at a candidate, especially in a local or statewide election.  The question related to asking Brown what he thought about the particular challenges of Sullivan County and what he’d do about them.  Again, typically an eye closer save for those who live in Sullivan County or close to it.

But the fact is, Scott Brown doesn’t live in New Hampshire and never did.  So even though he’s asking people to put faith in him and have him make crucial decisions about their lives and their state, but he can’t even get the geography right.  He wouldn’t be able to drive from here to there because he doesn’t know where there is.  So he did what all of us would have done if we hadn’t done our homework; he fudged.  He answered with general and obviously coached references to Obamacare, electric rates and the ski industry.  To anyone with half a brain his half attempt question resembled the half-attempt to lie to the people of New Hampshire.  The first consisted of pandering to the GOP line against any form of national healthcare, electric rates were reference to the efforts to get Northern Pass (a large electrical line to feed southern New England from Quebec) and the ski industry was just feel good reference to local business, strong on winter tourism — all in the north country.  Not in Sullivan County, save for one small ski resort.

Brown fumbled.  He fumbled hard and rolled like a flat rock.  Pindell made the reference that possibly he didn’t understand where Sullivan County was and seemed to be referencing the north country when in fact Sullivan County is west.  The debate went on but the curtain had been pulled back.  The man that failed a run against Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts because he just couldn’t keep up with her intellectual skill had just screwed his second chance to take the crown; 2 for 0, confirmed loser.

What happens next though is what’s astounding; Pindell takes it all on his shoulders.  The fumble was his fault and he took it all by going on Twitter shortly after the debate to say Scott Brown was probably referring to Sunapee, yeah that’s the ticket.  But he didn’t do that just once, he did it twice, then he went on the air the next day and took the blame again, deflecting the damage as best he could, attempting to throw water on Brown’s burning derriere . Huffington post has more details with Pindell’s apologetic Twitter posts.

Since that debate it has been noted that Mr. Pindell, the sole political reporter for WMUR has been strangely absent.  His last Twitter post is November 3rd, his last Facebook post is November 3rd.  Of course most telling and curious was his absence during the election results.  Wouldn’t a political reporter be the one giving the tallies and the analysis?

Since WMUR has a strong reputation as a slave to the Republican side we’re hoping that he’s possibly decided to hunt for employment elsewhere, that maybe he’s had it with the pressure to compromise his journalistic integrity.  The fact is, for whatever its worth, he has a master’s from Columbia Graduate School of Journalism and a good resume of solid experience, you’d think that would empower him with the ability to at least know real news and his obligation to it.

Here’s our message to you Pindell:  You did a good job.  Some of us up here in New Hampshire have noticed that you slide over to the other side quite a lot and we’ve wondered if you’re just another tool.  But we have to hand it to you, you did your job and exposed Brown for the fraud he was and possibly saved New Hampshire from a Koch Brothers take over.  Maybe you are in the mountains right now on a vision quest to find truth in yourself and your purpose.  Brighter horizons await the truth-tellers.  We don’t know where you’ll find that among the big networks, but hey, what’s worth more, truth or lots of money?


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2014 New Hampshire Free Stater List: Anti-Government Anarchists Soon to Serve in Government

While New Hampshire citizens managed to shoo carpet-bagger Scott Brown out of the state and return Democrat Jeanne Shaheen to the Senate and Annie Kuster back to the House on the national level, Democrats have had some losses, mostly in the state house as extremist libertarians along with some extremist Tea Partiers gained control.  Some of the traditionally more reasonable Republicans did ride on the GOP slide such as Gene Chandler who Bill O’Brien replaced as house speaker in the 2010 Tea Party sweep.

But we’re not here to focus on moderates, we’d rather keep you updated on the people to watch closely this upcoming session, in particular those with extremist, anarcho-capitalists views and ambitions.  We’re speaking of course of the self described Free Staters (read more indepth about them here) that have professed to come and destroy state government, break New Hampshire from the union and create their own libertarian paradise, whether the rest of the New Hampshire citizens want it or not.

Its important to note that New Hampshire has the largest legislative body in the country with 424 members.  State house members, of which there are 400 must fight for their seat every two years, the state senators makeup the remaining 24.  The term pay is a total $100 dollars a year, plus transportation expense.  As a result the party leadership on either side prefers to spend their time and energy on the more lucrative senate seats leaving most state reps to fend for themselves.  This creates a window of opportunity for all kinds of regular folks to run as long as they’ve got the time and money to spend running a campaign and running back and forth to the state house during session time.  Those last qualifications tend to weed out the herd so to speak, leaving most often only the self employed, those who have a source of sustenance beyond trading their time and hard labor for cash and the retired.  There’s an old saying about who runs in New Hampshire, “The three r’s: the rich, the retired and the —” since the last is not so polite we’ll leave that for you to figure out.

Therefore, it was only a matter of time that the adherents to the mission of “Free Stater” takeover would figure out that possibly dismantling from inside might be pretty easy.  At least the first part; getting elected.  Traditionally, because the districts which break down into wards in larger areas are so numerous, most regular people just don’t pay a whole lot of attention to who is on the ticket.  With two or three or even as many as seven seats available for their region, voters will often vote the party ticket they like and be done with it.  This has resulted traditionally in all sorts of odd characters getting elected often to the later humiliation of the party they are supposed to represent.

But in the case of the Free Staters; they aren’t people on a personal political mission or tangent or people running to protect a pet area of government regulation or grind a particular ax; the Free Staters are on a greater mission and are organized and committed.  As a result we’ve seen a gradual trickle of Free Stater followers and believers run in campaigns, usually as Republicans.  Democratic wards, particularly those in the larger cities such as Manchester and Nashua, tend to have a diverse population of people who traditionally vote Democratic, whether because of old union sympathies or ethnic differences.  They will tend to vote the ticket even if they haven’t had the chance to pay attention as much.  Why not?  Makes sense, if you are pro-labor you know Republicans aren’t.  If you want a candidate who will vote for programs that help poor or elderly people, you’d vote Democratic, Republicans don’t profess to care about poor people or the elderly.

So Free Staters have figured out the shotgun approach is best.  If all you want to do is get in, no matter how then why not run as a Democrat, especially in wards that typically vote Democratic but may be more socially disenfranchised and may not personally know or even have heard of their house rep or senator.  So running as a Democrat has been the Free Stater practice now for at least the last two sessions.  As shown here, its a strategy that they refuse to give up on even though this second try shows only one success with that strategy.

So without further ado, here’s the list, with the party they ran under also noted and the history (thanks to Granite State Progress for their work on this) of those who have served in the house before linked to their names.  We considered putting pictures to the names, but we’re not here to promote these people or their version of libertarianism.

Glen Aldrich (R) – Belknap District 2
Mike Sylvia (R) – Belknap District 6
Ed Comeau (R) – Carroll District 5
Robert Hull (R) – Grafton District 9
Keith Murphy (R) – Hillsborough District 7
Elizabeth Edwards (D) – Hillsborough District 11
Amanda Boutin (D) – Hillsborough District 11
Keith Ammon (R) – Hillsborough District 40
Brian Seaworth (R) – Merrimack District 20
Dan McGuire (R) – Merrimack District 21
Carol McGuire (R) – Merrimack District 29
Jason Osborne (R) – Rockingham District 4
Shem Kellogg (R) – Rockingham District 14
Adam Schroadter (R) – Rockingham District 17
Max Abramson (R) – Rockingham District 20
Laura Jones (R) – Stafford District 24

election 014

Elizabeth Edwards with her wife Caitlin Appell.

Like many young libertarians, Edwards has said to some she found a home within the FSP for her sexual orientation freedom. Really? The Democrats have no history of working for and defending LGBT rights? More than likely its that extremist libertarianism might be more appealing to someone who spent some time as an intern at the Koch Brothers’ founded Cato Institute.  A part of the obstructive factor of the efforts at forming an Occupy in New Hampshire, Edwards once seemed near an emotional breakdown during an informational presentation about the Koch Brothers corporate web of power, protesting that it was “one-sided” and unfair.  What’s interesting to note, besides the one Free Stater, Elizabeth Edwards, the rest that won ran were Republicans, so hopefully people did actually pay attention to some extent.

We did find Elizabeth Edwards at the polling place doing her obligatory visibility; only trouble was, she was standing with the Republicans rather than with the Democrats.  When asked why she hesitated and then replied, “Well we can be everywhere.” which is true, the candidates and their supporters can stand anywhere. But Elizabeth obviously felt more comfortable standing with the Republicans and Tea Party extremists and two of the Free Staters (that lost their bid, Eileen Landies and Tim O’Flaherty).  Too bad for Eileen and Tim since they did have a chance to show their colors last session. Guess that was enough for the voters in Manchester.

O’Flaherty immigrated to New Hampshire as a converted Free Stater with the sole intention of running as a Democrat to get into the heart of the political process and begin the mandatory deconstruction.  He was quoted during his time in office as saying he “hated serving” because he hated government. He hated it so much he decided to ask for another term. It was also observed that although he ran as a Democrat he regularly caucused with Republicans.  For a group of anarchists its really quite something that they consider it worth stretching their anarchist tent enough to allow some establishment Republicans in who seem to have no problem finding ways to increase government.  Apparently government isn’t such a problem after all when its used to disenfranchise voters, keep women from exercising their rights to reproductive healthcare and to allow corporations a free ride on the public’s dollar.

Unfortunately the Republicans they caucused with last term didn’t seem to be in on their plan to dismantle government and despite their best efforts, last we knew, its still in place ready for a new term of serious civic government peppered with shenanigans of the likes of these folks.  We’ll be watching and reporting.  Stay tuned.
election 013


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