After Its Disastrous Defeat on November 4, Which Way Now for the Labor Movement?

A cogent analysis and a basic question that progressive everywhere ponder. Most already know the direction to take.

The Labor Fightback Blog

There is no disagreement within the labor movement that we took a very big hit in the November 4 elections. Labor’s worst enemies among the politicians — Scott Walker in Wisconsin and John Kasich in Ohio, who led the charge against public employees’ bargaining rights — registered significant victories. A large number of other Republicans across the country share their anti-labor bias.

But what about the Democratic Party, supposedly the party that represents the interests of workers? It was repudiated by millions of workers who either stayed home on Election Day or cast their ballots for the Republicans.

In 2008, Obama was elected president, and Democrats won control of both Houses of Congress. Hope was in the air. But in short order, the Democratic Party betrayed its promises to labor —- without whom the Democrats could never have won the election. No legislation guaranteeing full employment was enacted. No infrastructure…

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