Say You’re Not Racist Again…

Ayn Rand no doubt approves Charlie's message.

Ayn Rand no doubt approves Charlie’s message.

Someone going by the moniker “Charlie McFreman ” (we see what you did there, apparently ‘freeman’ has run its course hasn’t it?)  sent us this Facebook message they received in what they are assuming is in regard to the blog posts about Free Staters:

You are nothing but a bigoted piece of s***t. F*** you and your irrational hatred. I saw what you said about someone I know to be an amazing and wonderful person based solely on a label. Do you hate niggers too? F*****g biggot. How do you look at yourself in the mirror?

Charlie McFeman

Charlie McFreman

This represents the ‘movement’ their adherents want people to think is full of love and light.  Also, as was stated repeatedly on the person’s Facebook page (which we assume generated this because the post was placed there), the writer did not attack Elizabeth Edwards’ personally BUT made the point that one’s integrity in their actions speaks volumes about their inner character.   Also, these people strongly advocate carrying guns, open carrying and concealed carry everywhere and spew this kind of hatred.  But they want us to belief they are harmless.

Edwards might want to make sure that those representing her as a kind and wonderful individual at least make an attempt to present themselves that way as well.  Otherwise it kind of cancels out the message entirely.  But then again, they may carry on, why stop them? Be as you will, everyone can see it.

Also,  B-I-G-O-T.  Since its obvious the writer is one, he might as well learn to spell it correctly.


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