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So Where is James Pindell?


James has surfaced and is apparently still able to exercise his right to function as a reporter as he posted something on Seacoast online.  Also he’s still calling himself a WMUR reporter so we’ll assume he just needed a minor readjustment break after handing Brown his ticket to nowhere.

The political reporter for WMUR the only major New Hampshire commercial television station beautifully laid the bombshell that showed Scott Brown for the clueless carpet-bagger that he was.  See video:

James Pindell asked a very rational and obvious question, one that required some knowledge of simple geography of the state and that opened an opportunity to demonstrate some knowledge of the area.  Really a typically banal question a debate panelist will throw at a candidate, especially in a local or statewide election.  The question related to asking Brown what he thought about the particular challenges of Sullivan County and what he’d do about them.  Again, typically an eye closer save for those who live in Sullivan County or close to it.

But the fact is, Scott Brown doesn’t live in New Hampshire and never did.  So even though he’s asking people to put faith in him and have him make crucial decisions about their lives and their state, but he can’t even get the geography right.  He wouldn’t be able to drive from here to there because he doesn’t know where there is.  So he did what all of us would have done if we hadn’t done our homework; he fudged.  He answered with general and obviously coached references to Obamacare, electric rates and the ski industry.  To anyone with half a brain his half attempt question resembled the half-attempt to lie to the people of New Hampshire.  The first consisted of pandering to the GOP line against any form of national healthcare, electric rates were reference to the efforts to get Northern Pass (a large electrical line to feed southern New England from Quebec) and the ski industry was just feel good reference to local business, strong on winter tourism — all in the north country.  Not in Sullivan County, save for one small ski resort.

Brown fumbled.  He fumbled hard and rolled like a flat rock.  Pindell made the reference that possibly he didn’t understand where Sullivan County was and seemed to be referencing the north country when in fact Sullivan County is west.  The debate went on but the curtain had been pulled back.  The man that failed a run against Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts because he just couldn’t keep up with her intellectual skill had just screwed his second chance to take the crown; 2 for 0, confirmed loser.

What happens next though is what’s astounding; Pindell takes it all on his shoulders.  The fumble was his fault and he took it all by going on Twitter shortly after the debate to say Scott Brown was probably referring to Sunapee, yeah that’s the ticket.  But he didn’t do that just once, he did it twice, then he went on the air the next day and took the blame again, deflecting the damage as best he could, attempting to throw water on Brown’s burning derriere . Huffington post has more details with Pindell’s apologetic Twitter posts.

Since that debate it has been noted that Mr. Pindell, the sole political reporter for WMUR has been strangely absent.  His last Twitter post is November 3rd, his last Facebook post is November 3rd.  Of course most telling and curious was his absence during the election results.  Wouldn’t a political reporter be the one giving the tallies and the analysis?

Since WMUR has a strong reputation as a slave to the Republican side we’re hoping that he’s possibly decided to hunt for employment elsewhere, that maybe he’s had it with the pressure to compromise his journalistic integrity.  The fact is, for whatever its worth, he has a master’s from Columbia Graduate School of Journalism and a good resume of solid experience, you’d think that would empower him with the ability to at least know real news and his obligation to it.

Here’s our message to you Pindell:  You did a good job.  Some of us up here in New Hampshire have noticed that you slide over to the other side quite a lot and we’ve wondered if you’re just another tool.  But we have to hand it to you, you did your job and exposed Brown for the fraud he was and possibly saved New Hampshire from a Koch Brothers take over.  Maybe you are in the mountains right now on a vision quest to find truth in yourself and your purpose.  Brighter horizons await the truth-tellers.  We don’t know where you’ll find that among the big networks, but hey, what’s worth more, truth or lots of money?


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Give Scott Brown A Map and Send Him Home!


In tonight’s last debate with Jeanne Shaheen, hopeful carpetbagger and perpetual hope of the plutocrats, Scott Brown demonstrated how it takes at least a modicum of brains to be a pretender.  As seen in the video below that is flying everywhere right now, Scott Brown mistook Sullivan County for the North Country and proceeded to use his trained seal talking points to not answer the question but instead provide the listener with a lot of irrelevant campaign trail jibberish.

Like a robot that jumped a gear or two Brown also made a strange gesture with his right hand while attempting to talk himself out of the corner he put himself in.  As he tries to clarify that he meant ‘north of concord’  he puts his hand up to his head with his pinkie out and his thumb up.  What’s he doing, gesturing that he needs to call a friend?  Is he signaling that his secret in-ear wireless isn’t working?  Either way, the man had no idea where Sullivan County was much less any unique issues or problems about Sullivan county.  It was a great question and exposed him as the hired plant that he is.

It became very clear, even with the moderator’s pathetic effort to help pull him out of the swamp he fell into, that Brown knows absolutely nothing about New Hampshire and is, as he was when he attempted to challenge Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts, nothing but a tool and really not very bright.

You’d think with all the money they have to spend that the plutocrats could find better servants to carry on their mission of destroying democracy, locally and nationally.  But then again, possibly that’s just the Gordian knot they are stuck in, because if you have contempt for the people you aren’t going to be able to understand them enough to find a suitable foil for them.  Most importantly as well, if you have contempt for democracy and see the people and their fickle ways as just an encumbrance to your efforts at making the world your personal playground, then possibly you just might not really take the electoral process very seriously anyway.

But see for yourself, the video is viral on facebook, click on the link provided below:

Brown Geography Lesson


Apparently WMUR’s Pindell has been getting weary of the claims from the Brown camp that when Brown said “ski areas” in his scripted reply about Sullivan County he really meant Sunappee, even though he never mentioned any particular ski resort by name.  Good save Brown and Co. and good to at least train your seal to never be too specific as that might just paint him in a corner.


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Actions Around NH

Last week during the Shaheen-Brown debate in North Conway, the environmental group NextGen Climate set up a display to draw attention to Brown’s ties to big oil.  Politifact  NH has looked into the claims made by the democratic supporting PACS, in particular Senate Majority and finds the claims  true in that Brown does in fact receive a large portion of his funding from big oil and gas.

nextgen protest scott brown

Of course to most people who pay attention this isn’t really big news since big oil and gas have always supported GOP candidates and races far more than Democrats.  Mostly due to the Democrats long standing tradition of standing up for and funding regulation for healthy people and communities.  While big oil fights government support for renewable energy development, the gas industry has been working double time to ensure continued support for fracking.

The degree to which the oil industry has chips to cash in with New Hampshire politicians should be of concern to residents as the north-east’s dependency on oil is greater than any other part of the United States.  Residents want other energy alternatives but without prioritizing government funds for subsidies or credits for such development, the dream of energy independence cannot be realized.  Geo-thermal and solar, two of the most important renewable energy opportunities still remain far out of reach of most residents and businesses.

Next Gen Climate will be holding actions all over the state during the election season, those interested in participating can contact them through their website at Next Gen Climate.org

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Scott Brown Shows His Tea Party Stripes

Simpleton Math

As seems par for the course, the Massachusetts Senate race between Tea Party supported Republican incumbent Scott Brown and his Democratic challenger, Elizabeth Warren, comes down to race.  As always, when one takes the time to turn their jaundiced eye in the direction of the racist whoops and hollers, what is found is a vacuous, empty shell of a candidate. Considering the fact that Elizabeth Warren scares the absolute bejeezus out of Wall Street, you’d think that Brown’s campaign might reflect the great minds that money supposedly can hire to dream up some nefarious defense of run away capitalism. But, as usual, the corporate capitalists prove that its really hard to find a way to defend a system that will screw over the very people whose support you need.

And we hate to say as usual, but yes, as usual, lacking the ability or the will (may alienate their base?) to come out with anything close to intelligent argument, the campaign resorts to race jealousy, old affirmative action scripts and of course, just plain ignorance, as mhasegawa on the blog FortLeft shows here:

Who knew that the Massachusetts race for the United States Senate – and maybe for Democratic control of the entire Senate – would come down to race?  When I wrote about this last May I thought this was a one-off remark and since it didn’t move the polls, I figured the whole thing would die.  A lot of people who are part Cherokee didn’t register for many reasons including fear of being targeted if they were open about Native American ancestry.

But now Scott Brown has made Elizabeth Warren’s race the centerpiece of  his campaign.  He has decided that the path to re-election is to question Warren’s family heritage.  He has not produced any proof that her having “checked the box” made any difference in her tenure at Harvard Law School.  On the other hand, Warren has produced people, including Republican Charles Fried, to say either they didn’t know or if they did it made no difference.  Where’s the beef, Senator Brown?

Race in Massachusetts

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