Voter Fraud Allegations False Once Again

New Hampshire Tax Payer’s Coalition, NH Tea Party and political gadfly and general annoyance Richard Girard created a flurry of excitement at hopefully finding an example of the voter fraud Republicans are certain is destroying democracy and getting Democrats into power.  Unfortunately for them and their impending fame and fortune, what actually occurred was a recording error among voter history.  Breathlessly anticipating we’re sure, an inquiry and criminal proceedings that would bring down the liberal cabal holding Americans against complete corporate utopia and cause a surge in their popularity among the wing-nut brigade , Richard Girard (nitpicking bore with a radio show and podcast that uses the bandwidth of a hair dryer and about as much hot air), the Tea Baggers and the The League of the Shamelessly Greedy NH TPC have found their momentum upward halted quite quickly.  Fortunately for all of them (although not for us) the tumble to the ground was a short one.

As Granite State Progress notes, the group harassed a regular guy just doing his civic duty to engage in the voting process, “For the last month, Naile, CNHT, and the NH Tea Party have relentlessly alleged fraud by a former New Hampshire voter, using social media graphics and posts on Granite Grok and Girard at Large to defame an American citizen who did his civic duty to vote in every election.”


Illegal voting allegations  out of Wilton

Thursday, November 6, 2014



WILTON – According to an organization called Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers, and as shown on their website, resident Jared Cram voted twice in presidential elections in 2008 and 2012, both in Wilton and near Philadelphia.

Click here for the whole story broke by The Cabinet out of Wilton, NH.


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