Jersey Man Pulls Out Gun on Patrons Waiting for Rationed Gasoline

So by now everyone has heard of the long lines and the rationing of fuel in the Sandy-stricken New Jersey and Chris Christie’s mandate that everyone share and be nice and a few rules thrown in for the rubes that we must all suffer, to make things work as much as possible in the situation.

Then as always, we have this as reported by CBS News:

Sean Bailey, NY man, arrested after pulling gun in gas station line

(CBS/AP) NEW YORK – Authorities said a 35-year-old motorist was arrested early Thursday for cutting in line at a gas station in New York and pointing a pistol at another motorist who complained.

District Attorney Richard Brown said Sean Bailey was charged with menacing and criminal possession of a weapon for pulling a gun at a Queens gas station. If convicted, Bailey could face up to 15 years in prison.

Damage from the storm has forced many gas stations to close and has disrupted fuel deliveries, causing long lines at the gas stations that remained open.

But, if we take the Libertarian/pro gun, get what you can while can and yeah GUNS way of looking at things, the potential combination of desperation, selfishness and poor judgment seem to show that possibly allowing people to arm themselves whenever and where ever they like isn’t such a good idea.

Which of course is why we have such a concept as ‘gun control’ because the rational among us know that all of us humans, when under particularly stressors tend to not act too rationally.  Couple that with lethal fire power and things get pretty bad pretty quickly.

Now no one can doubt that this jerk pulling a gun not only in front of someone, but in an area where there exist large quantities of highly flammable liquid, obviously wasn’t firing on all cylinders.  But we also know that too many among us humans seem to permanently lack smoothly functional machinery in the cranium.  Hence, in a most simple way, one can say that packing heat anywhere you like, by anyone who bothers, maybe isn’t such a hot idea and really has very little to do with freedom or liberty.

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One thought on “Jersey Man Pulls Out Gun on Patrons Waiting for Rationed Gasoline

  1. Julia says:

    Welcome to “anarcho”-capitalism: constant war over resources.

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