The Value of the Vote

An Answer to “What if They Held the Election and Nobody Came?”

Katie Talbert October 31, 2012 0

The following is a response to Joe Ramsey’s interview with Mark E. Smith and Terri Lee of the Boycott Election 2012 campaign, which will also appear in the November print edition of the Boston Occupier.

To imagine that all Americans will enmass sit out the national elections is akin to imagining that if one squints hard enough while saying magic words, a pink pony will appear at one’s door. There exist enough numbers of people in this country who, at least by belief, benefit in some way by the current system. They will participate in the electoral process and validate it for themselves.  Currently also enough people will vote in this coming election because they believe they have no other option.

We’ve never seen full voter turn-out, or full participation, because at some time in our history this country has had one group or another systematically removed from the voting process. Now, more of those roadblocks have been pushed aside. Yet people still will not participate; not because of some high-minded idea of a group election boycott, but because they have felt for years, possibly their whole lives, that their vote does not count.

Read more in The Boston Occupier Free Press

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