Hurricane Sandy: How You Can Help

As we in New Hampshire hunker down for the last days of the election, people on the eastern seaboard areas of New Jersey and New York are struggling with putting their lives together.

As this very good Alternet article points out, New York’s leadership seems to misunderstand the gravity of the disaster; choosing to use scarce resources to put on the New York Marathon as if nothing has happened.

Additionally, as always, the ones who suffer the most in these disasters seem again, to be the last to get services.  Local Occupy groups and other grassroots organizers have stepped up to fill in the wide, waning gaps in public agency outreach to low income communities.

This Alternet article, updated regularly explains the real struggles of the people there presently and also lists within it some sites offering direction for those who wish to help out.

Read more at: “Please Don’t Leave Us!”

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