Give Scott Brown A Map and Send Him Home!


In tonight’s last debate with Jeanne Shaheen, hopeful carpetbagger and perpetual hope of the plutocrats, Scott Brown demonstrated how it takes at least a modicum of brains to be a pretender.  As seen in the video below that is flying everywhere right now, Scott Brown mistook Sullivan County for the North Country and proceeded to use his trained seal talking points to not answer the question but instead provide the listener with a lot of irrelevant campaign trail jibberish.

Like a robot that jumped a gear or two Brown also made a strange gesture with his right hand while attempting to talk himself out of the corner he put himself in.  As he tries to clarify that he meant ‘north of concord’  he puts his hand up to his head with his pinkie out and his thumb up.  What’s he doing, gesturing that he needs to call a friend?  Is he signaling that his secret in-ear wireless isn’t working?  Either way, the man had no idea where Sullivan County was much less any unique issues or problems about Sullivan county.  It was a great question and exposed him as the hired plant that he is.

It became very clear, even with the moderator’s pathetic effort to help pull him out of the swamp he fell into, that Brown knows absolutely nothing about New Hampshire and is, as he was when he attempted to challenge Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts, nothing but a tool and really not very bright.

You’d think with all the money they have to spend that the plutocrats could find better servants to carry on their mission of destroying democracy, locally and nationally.  But then again, possibly that’s just the Gordian knot they are stuck in, because if you have contempt for the people you aren’t going to be able to understand them enough to find a suitable foil for them.  Most importantly as well, if you have contempt for democracy and see the people and their fickle ways as just an encumbrance to your efforts at making the world your personal playground, then possibly you just might not really take the electoral process very seriously anyway.

But see for yourself, the video is viral on facebook, click on the link provided below:

Brown Geography Lesson


Apparently WMUR’s Pindell has been getting weary of the claims from the Brown camp that when Brown said “ski areas” in his scripted reply about Sullivan County he really meant Sunappee, even though he never mentioned any particular ski resort by name.  Good save Brown and Co. and good to at least train your seal to never be too specific as that might just paint him in a corner.

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