Donald Trump Starts in NH on Questionable Footing

As Miscellany Blue reports below, Donald Trump has named a local New Hampshire curmudgeon and accomplished liar to spear-head his presidential “exploration” team in New Hampshire.  We think he couldn’t have picked anyone better to represent his values.  Read below:

Donald Trump names controversial figure to N.H. leadership team

(Photo: Michael Vadon / CC BY-SA 2.0)

Josh Youssef, the Laconia businessman named to Donald Trump’s New Hampshire leadership team, has an extensive history of provocative remarks and controversial conduct. The 2012 Republican state senate nominee in District 7 will serve as the Belknap County chair for Trump’s exploratory presidential campaign.

In 2013, the state Attorney General’s Office ruled Youssef violated the state’s election law when he published a deceptive and misleading website during his unsuccessful senate campaign.

The charges grew out of a public spat between Youssef and attorney Ed Mosca, who was representing Youssef’s ex-wife in their contentious divorce case. In August 2012, the Concord Monitor reported Youssef had accused Mosca of trying to sabotage his campaign by posting court documents related to the divorce on his blog,

A few weeks later, an anonymous website (first reported by Miscellany Blue) appeared that was virtually identical to Mosca’s blog in look and feel. The copycat site,, praised Youssef and accused Mosca of waging a “personal vendetta” against him.

Mosca filed a formal complaint and the Republican leadership of the state Senate called on Youssef to publicly address the allegations. “These allegations are serious and deserve to be fully investigated,” Senate President Peter Bragdon and Majority Leader Jeb Bradley said in a statement.

Youssef eventually admitted creating the copycat site. The state Attorney General’s Office ruled the act violated a state law that prohibits falsely representing someone else for the purpose of influencing an election.

In a YouTube video, Youssef defended the anonymous copycat website as protected political speech, which he called “the underpinning of our entire political process.” Mosca’s complaint, he said, was “just a politically-motivated trick to try to derail my bid for the state Senate.”

Court documents from Youssef’s divorce also revealed he failed to file federal income tax returns between 2004 and 2008. Concord Monitor reporter Annmarie Timmins confirmed the records indicated Youssef owed $60,000 to the IRS, which began garnishing his wages in January 2012.

Jump on over to Miscellany Blue to read the rest:Trump Names Controversial Figure to N.H. Leadership Team


2 thoughts on “Donald Trump Starts in NH on Questionable Footing

  1. Peadar says:

    When you get in a fight with Ed Mosca and still come across as the bigger douchenozzle, you’ve achieved something special with your life.

  2. […] Nice sentiments.  These are Josh Youssef’s colleagues.  Josh Youssef will head up Trump’s initial ground campaign work in New Hampshire.  For more on Youssef refer back on this blog to Donald Trump Starts in NH on Questionable Footing […]

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