Message from Jeff Woodburn, NH Senator

Dear Friend:

After the packed public hearing a few weeks ago, full of testimony against
the GOP House radical budget proposal, the Senate Finance Committee began
taking action on their own proposal. And so far the results are not good.

Yesterday the Senate Finance Republicans voted to cut funding for substance
abuse prevention in a party-line vote of 4-2. These cuts would remove the
Office of Substance Use Disorders and Behavioral Health as well as a senior
director position. Losing these resources and personnel would significantly
impair our ability to provide necessary treatment and coordinate a
statewide response to the current substance abuse and heroin epidemic. Not
only were these positions included in Governor’s Hassan’s budget, they were
even in the House version.

To quote my colleague Senator Hosmer, “Senate Republicans move to strip
this essential position shows they are out of touch with the needs of NH
communities and I urge them to reconsider their actions that are putting
the health and well-being of Granite Staters at risk.” I echo Senator
Hosmer’s statement and urge Finance Committee Chair Senator Forrester to
reconsider these harmful cuts to common-sense priorities. Please join me in
sending that message as the budget process continues in the Senate.

Thank you for all you do,

Jeff Woodburn

Senate Democratic Leader


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