So Trump Comes to New Hampshire

and this is the bag of mixed nuts he decides to stick his pudgy hands into…

Harrison 2

For the viewing challenged, the money quote: known Free Stater Harrison De Bree and an Andy Stachura who both add to the conversation about the frustration of getting their agenda through:

Stachura: “SHILLS and Traiters! These usurper [sic] need a stiff heavy hand and proper punishment!

Harrison: “Complaining on Facebook won’t get you anywhere.  So who is going to be the first one to string a rep up on the birch tree in front of the statehouse?”

Nice sentiments.  These are Josh Youssef’s colleagues.  Josh Youssef will head up Trump’s initial ground campaign work in New Hampshire.  For more on Youssef refer back on this blog to Donald Trump Starts in NH on Questionable Footing

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