Its All Over

Occupy protester arrest

Protesters from Occupy in New York City forcibly removed from a bridge sit-in.


Its the easiest muscle in your democratic body to exercise.  It takes the least work, its required only once every few years and most of the time you have to intentionally not listen to not know the issues at stake.

The above picture shows people engaged in the brief, short lived Occupy movement across the country.  One person once corrected me saying, “It was never a movement!” I disagree, it was.  But it was short for multiple reasons but the action of democracy flows under the shiny trappings of capitalist consumption and greed.  It flows under the frozen crust of alienation and dissatisfaction.  It flows because the water of justice cannot be stopped, it flows because the movement of a people yearning for decency in their lives, security, safety and peace will not stop.  Going to the polling place is the easiest.  Exercise that muscle, because sooner or later we’ll all be called on to either run or fight.  Better be fit and ready now.

Now, onto Susan Bruce’s excellent analysis of what’s at stake in New Hampshire:

It’s Almost Over

It’s almost over. A few more political ads ought to help us choose what candidates to vote for. Is there really anyone left who is undecided? Nationwide, over $4 billion is being spent on the midterm elections. Good thing we don’t have anything important we could be spending $4 billion on. The corporate taps are open wide and the dark money is flowing.

Thanks to all that money, we know that Scott Brown knows only one number. 99. We know that he’s attempting to whip white NH into a frenzy about immigration and Ebola. The fear is supposed to divert you from paying attention to why he’s here. He’s here because he lost his Senate seat in Massachusetts, and he’d like to use NH as a springboard to higher office. I’ve been to debates and forums where Brown spoke, and his ground support is thin. What can anyone say about him? He’s never done anything in NH except vacation and run for office. Brown grew up in Massachusetts, went to school there, was married and had a family there, had a career there, got into politics there. If Elizabeth Warren hadn’t beaten him, he’d still be there. The first time Scott Brown casts a vote here it will be for himself.
This is a man who has repeatedly refused to speak with members of the press, going so far as to hide in a bathroom to avoid a reporter. As you ponder his name on your ballot ask yourself this: Should New Hampshire’s US Senate seat be a consolation prize for a guy whose ambition is the only reason he’s here?

Please continue reading here:  Its Almost Over, by Susan Bruce

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