This Just In! Non-Controversial Bills Do Occasionally Get Passed!

But that doesn’t make the person who put them forward necessarily a hero.  Possibly a nice person for taking the time to write the bill, but lets not kid ourselves, oftentimes legislators put together obvious bills on new technology or safety devices, new best practices or other items.

We applaud Amanda Boudin, Manchester a self identified Free Stater (who ran deceptively as a Democrat)  who is part of an extremist Libertarian group that is attempting to colonize New Hampshire.

As the Free Stater publicity site states:

“This bill ends the prohibition on the possession of Narcan, which may now be administered to counter the effects of opioid overdoses. Before the passage of this bill, Narcan (the trade name for Naloxone) could only legally be possessed by EMS and police. Now, anyone who acts with “good faith and reasonable care” may store or administer the life-saving drug to a person in overdose without facing criminal or civil liability for doing so.”

This is good, very good considering the epidemic of heroin use and resulting overdoses in New Hampshire, concentrated largely in Manchester and Nashua.

Unfortunately, the Free State Project marketing team is out to make the most of exploiting Boudin’s efforts for their own gain, trumpeting it as proof of how wonderful Free Staters are overall.

No they aren’t.  They are anti-government cranks who thwart local, state and federal laws and local government process on a pretty regular basis, even making what seemed for awhile a career of it in Keene. Anyone can look up Free Staters’ ridiculous acts of “rebellion” such as circling around in Keene on a bicycle and refusing to stop for officers, chalking on public monuments and smoking pot in public on 4-20 days, we aren’t going to bother to link here.

They also have attempted to thwart the regular course of basic town government in already cash-strapped small rural communities throughout New Hampshire; communities that have thrived for over 200 years without the interference of the libertarian.  They did though, help to mobilize members of the town of Grafton to come out in droves and vote down their ridiculous warrant article proposals long into the night, last town meeting.  Most were not amused with the Free Stater martyrs taking everyone’s time up with endless triviality such as a requirement that every single warrant article, no matter how absurd, even if it didn’t pass muster with the elected town officials (as is common practice to move things along so people can get on with their lives), or having to fight the year before to reverse an extremist budget cutting proposal.  A proposal that would have cut the town budget down by 10%, effectively cutting off services, emergency preparations and even severely cutting their small town library.

So, sure, Ms. Boudin served her community with that bill.  Unfortunately it flies in the face of most of the libertarian anti-government logic that proposes that the “state” serves no one and needs dismantling.  While Boudin did now enable citizens to have the anti-over dose drug available, she didn’t propose to remove all regulation regarding sale and manufacture; what in fact would logically follow most libertarian ideology.

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