Governing Under the Influence Activists Meet Lindsey Graham in Manchester

Activists with the group Governing Under the Influence met with long-time South Carolina Republican Lindsey Graham who was doing a “walk and talk” in Manchester.  Graham is making his presence known in Manchester as he has hung out his shingle as a presidential contender for the 2016 election.

The GUI group posted some pictures of their efforts to talk to Graham and also follow him with signs to put Graham on the spot about his cozy relationship with corporate power.  As quoted from activist, Kat Pheanis:

Went for a stroll down Elm St. with U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham [Kat linked to his Facebook campaign page, we’d prefer people see the wiki for a more complete history — also see our links at the bottom of this article for more about Graham] this morning. He seems like a charming fellow…. if you don’t take into account the millions he accepts from energy companies, law firms, and military industrial companies like Boeing, not to mention his political stance against gays and women, and his legislation for the XL pipeline (paid for by energy lobbyists), modifying of mortgage bankruptcy laws (paid for by real estate lobbyists), continuing tax subsidies for corporations (especially oil) while cutting funding for social programs and public schools, harsher sentencing for juveniles who break the law (paid for by law firms and private prisons), his constant push for a Constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage and making abortion a federal crime, et cetera…

Jeb Bush should be coming to Concord next Thursday, perhaps we should all pay him a visit as well…

Kat Pheanis in Manchester follows Senator Lindsey Graham with a sign to make folks aware of the influence of corporate money in our political system.

Will Thomas, retired history teacher, Vietnam Vet and member of Veterans for Peace caught Senator Graham’s ear and this is what he said he told him:

I asked if he knew of the Brandeis quote- “You can either have a democracy or rule by the wealthy but you can’t have both.” So, I said I was concerned about the corrupting influence of money in our political system and asked would he support overturning Citizens United! Yes, he knew the quote, and he said, re: Citizens United – “we’re working on it.” I followed him into the restaurant but he went on his “meet and greet” and that was it!

Will Thomas catches Senator Graham for a moment.

More pictures:

Want to get involved and meet politicians? Find out how you can become a bird-dogger or just help out, click Governing Under the Influence. 

For some objective information about Lindsey Graham (we did the work of sifting through the political posturing and postulating) here’s some links:

Top Ten Problems in South Carolina Lindsey Graham Should Worry About More Than Benghazi
Rachel Maddow Hits Lindsey Graham for Listing African American Population Among Problems…
Graham’s Voting Record: Project Vote Smart

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