Jay Smooth on “Black Respectability” commentary from Don Lemon

Jay Smooth of illdoctrine.com “Black Respectability” from August 2013.  He’s replying to commentary from pundit Don Lemon on the issue of “black respectability”, you know the trope that all that black men need to do is present a more respectable appearance and attitude to the public (that is what pleases white middle class culture) and everything will be perfect.  Even though this video is now almost two years old, the issue still burns.  Also, Bill Cosby, before he hit his own wall on respectability, used to love to trot this out while waving is finger at “young black men”.

Its victim blaming.  Its also what women do to each other as well, or American Indian folks or any other group that experiences oppression.  Some folks of any of those given groups will decide for whatever reason, to take on the role of the moral superior one.  These folks have opted to climb up the hierarchical ladder of oppression to get a little further up the line and in the process step on their own people’s heads.  Its victim blaming and it needs to be called out again and again and again just as Jay Smooth does here to Don Lemon, enjoy:

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