HB 194 – The “Life Begins at Conception” bill just killed by full house vote.

Yeah! Feel that triumph!  Now, get ready for the next battle!

We have a report from the chambers that the full house just voted to go with the recommendation of the Judiciary to kill HB 194 as “ITL”, that is “Inexpedient to Legislate”.

Of course this only means we beat the enemy back into the dog house for the moment.  They will collect their respective selves, lick their wounds and come back once again next session.  This strategy, now employed continuously, consists of them beating the wall of reason until it crumbles or until at least enough of us aren’t looking and leave the door open for them to get through to their victory.

We can’t let it happen, we must always work together, share power, share strength to collectively overcome not only these continual assaults on basic freedoms, but also to undo the system that allows this insult to intelligence and justice to continue.

Please refer back to our previous post here for reference on the other assaults on women’s rights going on presently in the house.  We’ll try to update you as we can and encourage our readers to chime in if we’ve missed something.

Five NH House Bills That Should Concern Smart Women and Men


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