This is Why You Should Pay Attention to Local Elections

In recent conversations online it has been clear that many feel that local politics just doesn’t matter. Who cares about these trifling matters such as city water department funds, whether John Doe can run his lawnmower at 5am, school board policies and other mundane matters of daily life in large, medium and small town America.

Except when a racist nutbag just might get into office because you and a thousand other people decided to not pay attention and suddenly the other racist nutball faction in town has got an ally. Now allufasudden you find a deaf ear at the school board on issues having to do with sanctioning a racist teacher, what’s taught class or other issues that racists just love to pretend don’t exist.  Even if your school board is full of the most enlightened people since Malcom X and Frederick Douglas, do you want a mouthpiece for the lunatic fringe even taking up a seat that would otherwise go to another enlightened member of the citizenry?

Well, folks in Jasper, Indiana are faced with this problem when they find that the town nutcase has decided to run for school board.  Now mind you, he’s the known nutcase and is getting national attention, so hopefully the fine citizens of Jasper will wake up.  And vote.

John King of American Third Position Runs for Jasper School Board President (Part I, II, III)

Jasper residents have quite a choice ahead of them when they head to the polls to choose their School Board President. The choice is between an angry, mentally ill, racist loon who can’t hold down a job and between someone who’s… well… not those things.

Here’s Johnny Boy doing his one man show which I’ve entitled, “I’m a Racist Nutjob”. Johnny gave his performance at the University of Southern Indiana in the wake of the Trayvon Martin murder. His sign reads:

Just a Ghetto Hoodlum
If Obama had a son he would be Trayvon

Gotta say it. I’m a bit disappointed with the level of effort put into this sign. Only one color of marker (black oddly enough). I put Johnny at about a fourth-grade reading level based on the grammar. There’s not even a picture to grab the eye. Your one-man protest earns a failing grade. Sorry Johnny, doesn’t look like you’re quite ready for college yet.

John King is politically active, but not very politically loyal. He’s an active member of the American Third Position, a racist hate group. He also describes himself as a “rabid” supporter of Ron Paul and the Libertarian Party (shocking). He also argued that he has a “lifelong affiliation” with the Republican Party when he tried to sue his way into the RNC delagation earlier this year. He’s also involved with the Sovereign Citizen Movement, which the FBI classifies among domestic terror threats as anti-government extremists. He’s claims he’s done campaign work for his “favorite” political party in the UK, we’re looking into it but I’m gonna take a gamble and say that it’s mos def the BNP or EDL.

More here at Anti-Racist Action

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