Undoing Racism Workshop to Happen in July!

You’ve seen it, you know it and maybe you’ve felt it; that ugly stain on our culture; racism.  No matter what our ethnic background or skin color, no one that lives in the United States can escape the insidious evil of racism.  Used as a tool of economic oppression for nearly 300 years in this country, the pain and the social structure of racism run deep within our culture, affecting everyone.

What do we do when either we ourselves or our neighbors and loved ones suffer under the yoke of racism?  How do we work to unravel ourselves from its grasp and not enable, but challenge this oppressive cultural practice?  How can we understand the subtle (and not so subtle) messaging in our culture that aids and abets racism and simultaneously, other forms of oppression and most importantly do something about it?

Get yourself to a training, that’s your first step! 2012 Undoing Racism Workshop flyer

The renown People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond has accepted an invitation to do a training in New Hampshire!  One of the premiere training organizations on identifying and understanding racism in our culture, the People’s Institute, hosted by the New Hampshire Black Women’s Health Project and Rivier College, will be holding a workshop from July 11- 13, at the Rivier campus in Nashua, NH.

Immerse yourself in conversations and illustrates of just how racism effects you and your brothers and sisters in humanity, from your neighborhood to the world.  Learn how to identify our cultural signifiers to racism, learn how to challenge suppositions and institutions that support oppression through racism.


Many people have found these trainings a transformative experience.  Are you ready?

The People’s Institute is a well known and professional organization that trains people from all walks of life and within all types of organizations and institutions, from work-site employee trainings, to trainings for non-profit groups interested in social change.

Sign up Early!

Please see the links below for a the registration sheet, follow the instructions on the sheet.  The number of seats available is limited to facilitate a dynamic and interactive experience by all participants, please register early!

2012 Workshop Registration 2

For Your Information:

The New Hampshire Black Women’s Health Project has also been generous enough to find the funds for some limited scholarship and discount opportunities.  Please be mindful that putting events like this together cost a great deal, money and scholarships will be screened to ensure that the limited funds go to those most in need and most interested in directly putting their training to work in their communities.

Undoing Racism Scholarship Application

Group discounts may be available as well, please inquire on the form.

Make change by nurturing mind, body and soul.

Progressive Action NH also requests that if you can support the event with a donation, please consider doing so! Your help will offset the costs of this event, enable present and future activists to attend and also encourage more work like this in the future!  Please contact the New Hampshire Black Women’s Health Project for more information about how you can help support this important work to Undo Racism!

New Hampshire Black Women’s Health Project:  603-264-2874

email: nhbwhp at gmail dot com

We at Progressive Action NH extend our gratitude and thanks to the tireless and dedicated (and mostly unpaid) work of the women of the NH Black Women’s Health Project in making this workshop possible!

“Ignorance and prejudice are the handmaidens of propaganda. Our mission, therefore, is to confront ignorance with knowledge, bigotry with tolerance, and isolation with the outstretched hand of generosity. Racism can, will, and must be defeated.” – Kofi Annan

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