Northern Pass Hurts New Hampshire Families

A short clip explaining a few reasons (of the many) why Northern Pass hurts New Hampshire families.

And in other news

Also posted from the Hands Across New Hampshire facebook page:

Michelle Hill writes:

I got an email from a Northern Pass opposer. Here is what he had to say:

Last night Nancy and I were in attendance at the Plymouth area democratic meeting to hear what the three democratic candidates had to say in general and about NP in particular. In my opinion, Maggie Hassan did her utmost to NOT answer the direct question asked by Martha Richards about her stance on NP. Jackie Cilley was forthright and direct in her answer, explaining to the assembled that we must not only stop this ill advised project but formulate a sane, long term energy policy for our state, based on locally produced renewable energy sources. Needless to say, I was very pleased to hear that.

“Oh that?”

Maggie why do you waffle so?  Please call Maggie Hassan’s campaign office, on this page here and let her know she needs to stand for the New Hampshire way and get on the right side of this issue.  All those who value the environment should stand strong against Northern Pass and against this outrageous invasion of our New Hampshire way of life.

Jackie Cilley’s campaign info is here.

We at Progressive Action NH do not support, campaign for, take a side for, work for or volunteer for any candidate for office, but only wish to get the message about about issues and where the candidates stand on those issues that our membership is concerned about. 

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