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Wal-Mart to Sell Genetically Engineered Corn This Summer

Yum, yum! Bite into some BT today! If there was ever a good reason to find your local grower’s market for some fresh sweet corn, this may be the year.   Well, according to the article, grocers have been selling to product for awhile — without anyone noticing.  You can thank the corporate controlled FDA for their non-action.

by Sarah Damian on August 07, 2012

sweet_cornOnce again, consumers will be left in the dark when it comes to what food they’re purchasing at the grocery store – in this case, thanks to Monsanto and Walmart. The largest retailer in the world, Walmart confirmed to the Chicago Tribune that it wouldn’t restrict sales of Monsanto’s new genetically engineered sweet corn.

Like other foods containing genetically engineered (GE) ingredients, the sweet corn does not require labeling to keep shoppers fully informed about what they’re eating (a different story in the European Union, China, Russia, Australia and Japan, where it’s required). Some food safety advocates say directly consuming GE foods necessitates more long-term, transparent health studies.

For the from Whistleblower.org

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