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Socialist Candidates Gains History Making 29% of Vote in Washington State

Kashama Sawant campaigning last fall

In a stunning change-up of the electoral landscape, 20,000 people in a Seattle Washington district voted for a socialist candidate for state rep.  Many in America hope for the day when the political conversation on the left has the same place at the table it did historically, long before the American policies of political repression.

The Socialist Alternative Party celebrates what they rightly see as a victory, even though they might not have won the house seat, they certainly have put a showing in Seattle that is newsworthy:

Socialist Wins 29% of the Vote in Seattle — Historic Opportunities to Challenge Corporate Politics

By Philip Locker
“This is just the beginning!” Kshama Sawant promised supporters and voters on behalf of Socialist Alternative at an excited election night party on November 6 in Seattle, WA. While the presidential race was mainly about what to vote against (see article Right Wing Rejected in the Elections), an inspiring campaign in Seattle’s 43rd district for Washington state house offered working-class voters a real alternative. The ongoing vote count at the time this article was written has Kshama Sawant winning over 29%, pointing toward a final number of over 20,000 votes.
Socialist Alternative ran against Frank Chopp, Speaker of the House and the most influential Democratic legislator in Washington state. Chopp represents the Washington establishment, a well-deserved target for the anger of frustrated, poor, working-class people, and young people in Seattle. The vote for Sawant marks the strongest opposition by far that Speaker Chopp has faced during his entire 18 years in office.This record-breaking vote for an independent working-class candidate has raised the confidence of workers, young people, and activists that it is possible to struggle against looming budget cuts from the “fiscal cliff,” attacks on public sector workers, education, and other social programs.

In Washington state, the Democratic Party won the governor’s race and maintained their majority control over both houses in the state legislature. They will likely propose a further round of vicious budget cuts to social services early next year, while they allow corporations such as Boeing, Amazon, and Microsoft to get away without paying barely any taxes. Sawant, a union activist and teacher, commented, “Public sector unions like mine need to prepare for strike action against budget cuts. Workers and youth need to be ready to occupy the Olympia state capitol building against attacks on our living standards.”

Based on this election breakthrough and the links built during the campaign, Socialist Alternative is using the profile and authority it has won to help to build a fight-back against all attacks on working people and oppressed groups in the coming weeks and months.

Sawant and Socialist Alternative are also forming a broad electoral alliance with other left-wing forces to use this result as a launching pad for a far bigger challenge to the Democratic Party. Concretely, Socialist Alternative is organizing for 2013 a slate of independent left-wing candidates to run for mayor and for all the open city council seats, all of which are currently held by Democrats. “We will go after them!” Sawant declared to huge applause of excited supporters on election night.

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Danny Keating Runs for 2nd Congressional District

In keeping with our mission at Progressive Action NH of disseminating information that comes from or involves, alternatives to the existing choices, we present to our blog readers a candidate for the 2nd Congressional District, Danny Keating.  Danny as an independent,  is running a bare-bones campaign under the Socialist Alternative banner.  We commend Danny for his courage in putting forward an agenda that offers an alternative for working people everywhere, to the present bicameral, corporate political choices.

Why I’m Running for Congress in New Hampshire

Danny Keating

Danny Keating

I am running for U.S. Congress in New Hampshire’s 2nd Congressional District. I am a construction worker and U.S. Army veteran who has lived in Nashua, NH since I was a child. I am running as an Independent and a member of Socialist Alternative to give a voice to the 99% during these corporate-dominated elections.

The two parties of big business, Democrats and Repub­licans, have carried out budget cuts, attacks on civil liberties, and an assault on women’s rights, all while strength­ening corporate control in this country. They cut programs while scapegoating immigrants, union workers and others. Every cut and attack is another attempt to force working people to pay for the economic crisis, a crisis created by the bankers, speculators and their system.

I am running because the two parties refuse to deal with the burning issues facing working people in any meaning­ful way. We need a massive jobs pro­gram to hire workers with union wages, benefits and rights to rebuild infrastruc­ture, stop environmental destruction and provide the social services we need. We could pay for this by closing corporate tax loopholes and increasing taxes on corporations and the top 1%, as well as slashing spending on the wars and occu­pations in Iraq and Afghanistan while improving veteran services.

We can only win a jobs program through mobilizing unions and commu­nity groups in a movement that protests and educates, while building demo­cratically run organizations. A mass movement for jobs and services against racism, sexism, layoffs, home foreclo­sures and budget cuts needs to be linked to political struggle in breaking from the two corporate parties.

We need a party of working people, run democratically, with elected representatives who are accountable and only take the wage of the average worker. Real change will never come from the puppets of big business. To get change in the past, we needed a big protest move­ment. My campaign will build a voice for the struggles against the capitalist system, and for a better future – a demo­cratic socialist future.

For more information on Danny’s campaign, he can be contacted via Facebook.

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