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urgentAfter a nearly seven year battle the Mount Sunapee ski resort in Newport, New Hampshire is inching very close to approval for an expansion that will wipe out important old-growth forests and related wildlife and important hiking trails in the area.

Your action is needed now to stop what will amount to a complete decimation of one half of Mount Sunapee’s forest area by the resort adding an entirely new skiing area complete with a base lodge, a new lift, new trails, a parking lot and even plans to approve the building of condos.

From the Sierra Club email correspondence:

Take Action Now

Mt. Sunapee State Park is the jewel in the crown of New Hampshire’s State Park system where people can explore, enjoy, and protect the natural wonders of our forests. The nearby Pillsbury-Sunapee Highlands Corridor connects the park with over 30,000 acres the Sierra Club included as one of the 52 exceptional wild places in the country. The park, however, may change forever.

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Send a letter to protect Mt Sunapee State Park.

The NH Dept. of Resources and Economic Development (DRED) has drafted a decision that will allow ski expansion into an area designated by the NH Natural Heritage Bureau as an exemplary natural forest with trees over 150 years old. The proposed ski lift and trails would bisect the area despite its “high ecological value” and rarity. Further, the proposal will disrupt the Summit Trail in several places.

The public comment period ends on June 5th – send your letter today!

A group Friends of Mount Sunapee along with the New Hampshire Sierra Club have diligently and determinedly fought this battle but now they need your help!  The state commissioner for the New Hampshire park system has the power to either approve or disapprove this deal.  Commissioner Rose has given a temporary approval of the expansion but he has allowed for a comment period to hear from concerned citizens.

Friends of Mount Sunapee Change.org petition: Protect Mount Sunapee State Park: Say ‘No’ to Private Resort Expansion

Everyone can comment, you don’t have to be a New Hampshire citizen just someone who is concerned about human destruction of precious forests and habitat.  Mount Sunapee Resort has had a long campaign of pressuring employees and their “guests” (customers) to put in their comments, so we need plenty of concerned folks to chime in as well.

Please read go to the link of the Friends of Mount Sunapee website or at the Sierra Club website petition page and put in your comments.  NOTE: YOU MUST PUT “I OPPOSE” OR SIMILAR VERBIAGE IN THE BEGINNING OF YOUR FIRST SENTENCE OR YOUR COMMENT WILL BE DISCARDED OR COUNTED AS SUPPORTING — THESE ARE CONSIDERED AND COUNTED LIKE BALLOTS. 

The commissioner will be counting the pro and the con ballots and this will have some weight on whether he decides to approve this expansion.  There exist many reasons why this should not be approved, please read up!

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