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Argentine Ship Taken by Billionaire Hedgefunder for Debts Unpaid

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So for those who laugh and scoff at the idea that the plutocrat class could/would actually hold a country hostage for repayment of debt, look at the case involving Argentina and a hedge-fund billionaire who lent them a bit.

Unlike when governments lend to other governments and have their citizenry to hold them accountable, plutocrats have no responsibility to any citizenry, no promise of the public or national welfare to uphold, no balance of global power to consider.  Nope, its all about the dollar.

We can have no doubt that chief and probably only motivator behind the billionaire’s personal loan was the prospect of making a buck.  Problems coming rushing into the minds of those concerned with democratic representation.  First off, the question rises, who let the dogs out? What country has allowed the privileged to amass so much money, at such little cost to hold that they now have enough to hold countries and their assets ransom for the sake of profit.

This is the ultimate nightmare unfolding; plutocrats running local, national and international policy and framing the paradigms that we all exist within, to their liking.  This is the monster that unfettered capitalism has unleashed and this is the proof to the argument that arises time and time again that money knows no ethics, no love, no boundaries, no humanity.  It is up to governments, run by the people to act as the counter balance to human greed and avarice, something is obviously seriously broken in this country.

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