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So Lab Rats are Smarter Than Libertarians

Lab rat works to free captive where no obvious capital incentive exists.

Empathy: the one human emotion that makes Ayn Rand roll in her grave and gives all Free Staters and other Libertarians the willies — except when their own necks are on the line and they could use a hand.  It is well known that Ayn Rand had no problem living off the empathy of those who came before her and struggled for her right to receive social security and Medicare benefits in her old age.  Regardless though, Libertarians continue to preach that the way to peace is just to be a self centered prick and not bother to worry about the consequences of your actions on others, or to stop and help others.

Of course, according to this study, proof exists that lab rats are smarter than Libertarians, since they’ve apparently figured out that helping out your friends and neighbors and even sharing your booty is a good thing for your own future welfare; we all need each other and more than likely sometime down the line you will need others to give a damn about you when you and be willing to work to make your life — and in turn their life, better.  What a concept! Sounds like socialism!

Let’s take that thought a little further down the road of Logic and Plain Simple Thinking (deserves capitalization since its so under-rated these days), cut a little with Occam’s Razor and viola! We come across this excellent animation from Upworthy, made by Roman Krznaric on the power of empathy as a force for human change.  A very good animation and talk on the power of human empathy; what it means and how has a natural human emotion, we all have the ability to harness this to make positive social change and work toward peace, locally and globally.


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What If


What if we had a world
Where everybody helped each other
And tried to build each other up
In stead of tearing each other down
And blowing each other into pieces.
Would not suffering be banished?
With helpful hands and gentle hearts
Could we not bring humanity to a pinnacle?
Why must we continue to fail at
The only Commandment that ever mattered,
That being to love each other
So as to be willing to give up ones life
For a friend,
To turn the other cheek
And to love our enemies.
This was a Commandment,
Not an aspirational guideline
And apparently
the most difficult one of all to follow.
As a species, if we eventually
fail to follow it,
We deserve to reap the dire seeds
Of our own destruction and demise.
A meeker species will eventually
Inherit the earth
And i will thankfully be gone.
Already in my lifetime,
I have seen enough.
What if,
Mike Murburg 08/29/12
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Dead Ends – Poem

Dead ends

By John Coyote

Brothers told no-one they were scared.
Stood on a chair and told the world to f-off.
Baby sister cried and family learn to live without the laughter
of two strong boys.

Young girl told me she is useless.
Better off dead. She had did many bad things.
No forgiveness for woman who wasted everything she touched.
I told her. “Jesus can forgive. You must forgive yourself and become wiser
in choices. Stop and think. Re-set your journey. Can’t change the past. But you
can decide the future”

Old man sat alone.
Thinking of dead memories.
Missing voices gone and not forgotten.
He wondered  could he had of changed people journeys?
Could he had of been kinder?
Tears fall from his eyes.

Wars are alive and well.
Old Soldier sat at a  grave stone of a good friend.
He drink his friend favorite Miller’s beer.
Told his friend. “Kids are strong and beautiful. You are a grandpa now twice.
The little boy looked like you. I miss you my friend. I wished I could hear your
laughter and I know what you would tell me. It will be alright Johnnie. I know you will
be there for my kids.” I leave four Miller’s beer on a lonely grave and pray my friend is watching his children from heaven.

Someone killed people in Wisconsin.
Just people going to worship.
I saw their faces of the family and friends after the shooting.
Exploding with tears and sadness.
Old world is going mad.

My good friends killed in Iraq in 2004 with my daughter and his two daughters.

Why would anyone kill another in a church of prayer or anywhere for no reason?
We need a billion prayers for love and kindness to be rebirth in our world.

“Too much death lord.
Please protect the children.
Please send wisdom and guidance to our leaders.
Lord of life and death.
Please help us. We are being led by Beserkers who want hate over love.
Want murder over conversation.
They desire blood of another because of religion.”

Today we stand on a dangerous edge.
Israel threatening war.
Middle East can send the world on the final journey.
Weapons and Soldiers cannot bring peace.
Destroying beautiful cities don’t create friendships.
Words of hate lead us to no-where.

We are all flesh and bones.
We know pleasure and pain.
If you stand for nothing.
One day you wished you scream out against war.
One day you will wished you told a love one you loved them.

One day we will be on a dead end road.
Too late for tears and forgiveness.

I pray and  hope for logic and common sense. Need a miracle.
Common people everywhere must stop the berserkers of war and violence.
Stand together for peace and kindness.

Send food and medicine. Not weapons and Soldiers.
Tell someone you miss and love them. You need them near.


For more see John Coyote: An Old Poet with Dreams of Peace and Stories to Tell

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Non-Violent Resistance Is The Unalterable Force

France and the Crusades

by Mike Murburg

Today we took a walk away from my diggs in St. Jean De Bray along the gentle banks of the Loirre and to a twelfth century church, actually a small cathedral St Jean Baptiste.  Notably, the cathedral was built after the first of the crusades during the reign of Saladin in Egypt and over Jerusalem and one hundred years before the crusades were considered an ultimate failure.  It was humbling to know that where I stood, young men knelt to have their swords and armor blessed before they mounted their horses and took off to fight for the cause of freeing the holy land, the spot of needless bloodshed and war.  That was nine hundred years ago.  Let me say that again, that was nine hundred years ago.  What has changed?

Don’t worry.  The question was rhetorical.  Eventually, the home team outlasted the invaders.  Time, hubris and distance determined the losers then as it will today in the middle east and into Asia minor.

Cathedral St. Jean Baptiste

So, filled with the visage of cathedral, and onyx and marble floors, much the same in all but size that I found years ago in the cathedral Notre Damme in Paris, I walked on, up through the center of this 12 th century ville, past the Madison de bourg and towards the cemetery.

What struck me most about the cemetery were the crosses of the war dead.  Now in my generation, now in their fifties, there were jokes told about how quickly the French surrendered to the Germans during World War II?  This surrender would normally speak of cowardice.  But now seeing the rows of war dead and scores of dead children, casualties of the Franco-prussian War of 1870 to 1871 and the dozens of small white crosses in the center of this small town’s cemetery from World War I commemorating the burial places of the town’s war dead, I realized that this was no country of cowards.  I had been wrong about the French in World War II as well.  Before me, the many names of war dead killed fighting the Germans, and those eventually taken away to concentration camps.  Again these were no cowards.  This town, like most of France had given up the flower of its manhood and suffered the loss of even its children so that it’s society could survive.

Surrender in WWII had been inevitable.  Out flanked by a superior war machine and undermined by an incredibly flawed theory of defense, the French understood that no conquerer could lay upon them for long.  To our own national credit, we helped rid the French of the Bosch, just as Saladin had come to Jerusalem and rid the Holy City of the Infidel Christians.  No army of occupation can outlast the desire of a native population to be free and to determine its own course of affairs.  The choice of the French was obvious.  Surrender and preserve your architecture, lives, society and social institutions and values, or fight to extinction.  I am glad that they picked the former.  One or two thousand years of social and political architecture should not be sacrificed by governmental fiat.  Why select a society of guns, when one can have bread and butter and wait for the intruder to leave.

So, as I finally sat in the sun of a downtown cafe, dining on un sandwich de pullet and a chocolate filled éclair, how does any of this apply to the situation in which America finds itself today.  It is quite simple, I thought.  In Iraq and Afghanastan and every place in the middle east and east to Kashmir,  our destructive presence is fought and tolerated as a temporary aberration.  Whether it is one year or ten or two hundred years, we cannot stay forever.  The indigenous populations know it.  Heck, we know it ourselves.  It is why we stopped flying the Union Jack over ourselves in 1776.  It is why the Brits got out of North America.  It is why the French came home from the crusades.  It is why the French tolerated a temporary army of occupation.  All bad things do and must come to an end.

It is time to fold the tents and roll up the flags and come home…for good.

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