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Action Needed! NH Domestic Violence Services Funding Threatened by GOP House Bill




House representative David Bickford of New Durham (R), representing Strafford, District 3 has sponsored the bill, HB 654 that aims to eliminate the sole source of funding for domestic violence services; a portion of marriage license fees.

Action needed now! A hearing on this bill is to be held on February 2nd at the Legislative Office Building in Concord, as explained below, can you make the hearing to testify against this bill? 

Can you call Mr. Bickford and the members of the committee hearing and considering this bill?  Information on David Bickford:

Strafford- District 03
Seat #:2011

Home Address:
183 Brackett Road
New Durham, NH  03855-2329
Phone: (603)859-7899
Email: davidabickford51@yahoo.com

Currently the bill is in the house finance committee, please see the list of committee members at the bottom of this post, please contact them all by phone or email and tell them to stop this attack on domestic violence funding.  New Hampshire always works to find inventive ways to fund programs, the use of a small amount from the marriage license fee makes complete sense, takes from no one and works as a means to preserve healthy marriages and families in New Hampshire.

As explained below in a plea for action from the public, this bill would effectively starve the only source of steady funding that any domestic violence services have in the state.  As we outlined previously in our post Domestic Violence Top Killer in New Hampshire, the lives of women and children hang in the balance when it comes to reaching them in time.  Making services such as educational outreach, court advocacy , crisis outreach via phone and then shelters saves lives.  Representative Bickford’s thinking behind this bill defy the imagination; as explained even in the text of the bill, only $38 is taken out of the marriage license fee and appropriated to the domestic violence fund.  Bickford proposes instead to put these funds directly to the state general fund.  What has to wonder, does Bickford not value the lives of women and children?  Does the general fund need that $38 more than a woman or child needs a safe way out of violence?

We’ll let the New Hampshire Coalition Against Domestic Violence speak further on this:

HB654 redirects a dedicated fund for domestic violence to the General Fund

For Immediate Release
January 30, 2015                                    
Contact: Amanda Grady Sexton -603-548-9377, 

(Concord, NH) On Monday February 2nd at 11:15 in LOB 210-211 there is a critical hearing taking place for a bill that threatens to take away the sole source of state funding for domestic violence services in New Hampshire. The Domestic Violence Prevention Program (DVPP) is mainly funded through a portion of the state marriage license fees. ($38 of each $45 license.) Sponsored by Representative David Bickford, HB654 would redirect DVPP money to the general fund. (http://www.gencourt.state.nh.us/legislation/2015/HB0654.pdf)

If passed this measure would be devastating for the state’s 14 crisis centers that have been struggling to provide services over the last several years due to funding reductions. In 2013 these crisis centers managed to serve over 15,000 people, and these funds could mean the difference between life and death.

Last year members of this legislature passed an unprecedented number of domestic violence bills including Joshua’s Law which is considered model legislation by the rest of the country. The Coalition is concerned that without adequate funding for victim services these laws will not be effective.

Survivors, as well as members of the Coalition, law enforcement, and other legislatures are expected to testify at the hearing. Please contact Amanda Grady Sexton at the Coalition for more information.

This bill will be considered by the house finance committee.  The finance committee is a Standing Committee, that is it is one that is essential to basic functions of the house, considers most bills and always exists.  It is an important committee and thus is also very large.  Because Republicans hold the majority in the house, it is currently majority Republican.

Also, because its large, we will simply provide a link to the page that lists all the members and information about the committee.  The members’ names are linked to their respective house information listing, with phone numbers and email addresses.  We recommend also that you make sure you contact the committee chair, Neal Kurk a longtime Republican representative.

NH House Finance Committee

We’ll leave you with this video on domestic violence, One Voice, A 15 Minute Short Film on Domestic Violence:


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Domestic Violence Top Killer in New Hampshire

woman alone 3

October has passed and along with it the recognized month to remember domestic violence.  Many communities throughout the country had candle-light vigils to remember victims of domestic violence or walks at night to highlight the need for a safe community at any time of the day or night.

This is a sensitive topic and for those in domestic violence situations, such information could be threatening to an abuser.


The need to recognize the signs of domestic violence in one’s life or someone else’s never ends and the importance of discussing the issue within the community never ends either.

In an effort to help people hold in their minds the importance of awareness of domestic violence we’ve compiled a list of statistics on domestic violence in New Hampshire and some links for further information.  If you are or know someone who may be in a relationship or living in a family or cohabiting with an abusive person, please read the information below so that you can be a positive catalyst for change in someone’s life or find help for yourself.

Even if you know no one who is suffering from violence or abuse or aren’t suffering from domestic violence yourself, arming yourself with the facts below and going further into the links to learn more will open your eyes to the real terrorism against women: violence at home.  Armed with the proper information you can be a fighter for change!

Please read on:

First some statistics on domestic violence incidents nationally and in New Hampshire:

– According to the National Network to End Domestic Violence, 3 women die everyday due to domestic violence

– According to the Domestic Violence Intervention Program a woman is beaten every 9 seconds in the US

– From the same site, “An AMA report shows that every five years as many women are killed by their intimate partners as men, and women killed in the Viet Nam War … 54,000.”

– Cases of domestic violence cross race and class lines leading to the well known conclusion that people of all races and classes throughout America are potential victims of domestic violence.

– In 85% of domestic violence cases women are the victims – National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

– According to the 9th NH Domestic Violence Fatality Review of 2012, while New Hampshire has a low homicide rate “domestic violence is a causal factor in 92% of the state’s homicides and suicides.”

– Women were victims in 67% percent of domestic violence fatalities in New Hampshire with 56% being by a partner and 31% by a family member.

– Out of the 53% of cases in which the perpetrator had a known history of domestic violence, only 6% of their victims had sought crisis center services prior to their death with only 4% having any protective order in place,

– Over half of the perpetrators of a domestic violence fatality had no known history of any substance abuse.

– In all cases nationally, the presence of a firearm in the home exponentially increases the incidence of serious injury or death of the victim.

What can I do?

If you suspect you or a close friend or relative are a victim of domestic violence or see it creeping up in a relationship, please seek help or assistance in getting help for someone.  Resources exist in New Hampshire and below are some links to assist in your search.

New Hampshire Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Resources

A Safe Place


How do you know if you are in an abusive relationship?

Click here for a quiz to take on your relationship profile and an interesting graphic; the Power and Control Wheel helps in visualizing the development of violence in a relationship.

If you know someone at your workplace possibly suffering from abuse, what should you do?

This informational pamphlet has tips on how to help someone you work with who might be experiencing violence at home. Domestic Violence: A Guide for Employees

If you live outside of New Hampshire, below are national resources as well that can guide you to help locations and contacts within your state:

National Network to End Domestic Violence

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence




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