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Jade Helm 15 Coming to New Hampshire! Crap Your Pants eh.. Get Under the Bed Pronto!

h/t: Tim and Jan

As Tucker reports on his site Miscellany Blue the local New Hampshire wingnuttia has spun itself into a frenzy over someone’s sighting of a tank in Nashua.  This to them, offers proof that the dear citizens of Nashua and most likely those beyond may soon find themselves hauled off to FEMA camps no doubt hidden in any wooded areas nearby — or possibly in the gulags of nearby “self proclaimed SOCIALIST!” Bernie supporters.  Gulags of socialist oppression we’re sure where they’ll be forced to eat vegan foods, offered a hit of the best weed, some nice cold micro-brew and a yoga session before being set free with well wishes and invites to return.

Here’s Tucker’s story:

Jade Helm 15 update: ‘Tanks massing in New Hampshire’

(Photos: thecommonsenseshow.com)

The Obama administration to preparing to invade Texas, declare martial law and wage war on the American people.

If you missed that news, you haven’t been paying attention to conservative talk radio and Internet conspiracy sites. Fortunately, Jack Kimball is paying attention. The former state GOP chair and Ted Cruz advance man has been keeping his followers updated about the impending military takeover on Facebook.

Kimball first warned his supporters in March. “Wake up America! Operation Jade Helm 15 (look it up) has now expanded to 10 States,” he wrote, with a link to an Alex Jones InfoWars video.

Jade Helm 15 is a two-month long military training exercise scheduled for this fall in which American special operations forces will conduct counterinsurgency war games.

Conspiracy buffs grew suspicious when they discovered a Defense Department planning document for the exercise that labeled Texas and Utah as hostile territory. They noted those conservative states were depicted in red while states friendlier to the president were colored blue.

As Matt Yglesias writes, “The Pentagon’s official line is that they are not planning a takeover, but again, that’s what you would expect them to say.”

Kimball doesn’t buy it. “Jade Helm 15 just got worse! Pleeeeeese wake up America!” he implored earlier this month. “Massive movement of Military equipment across the US continues,” he warned.

For the rest of the story including some video visit Miscellany Blue

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