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Republican Governor Rick Scott Stops Early Voting

As Rachel Maddow explains, Rick Scott has decided to cut early voting short, but of course, we all know that Republicans don’t care a lick about people not voting. Of course, even when its been shown over and over again that when people vote, they vote not for plutocrats, but for those who will fight for the common folks; or at least the closets alternative available to them.

This race has shown to be especially tight with many people flocking to the polls early and since Scott apparently studies his recent civics history lessons seriously, he Rachel explains, has seen the past results of what extended early voting will do to a Republican hope — dash it with the cold water of reality.

But yes, again, we know, Republicans don’t want to make people stay home. Of course not, which is why you see caravans of Republicans getting the vote out in low income communities.

Read Maddow’s whole story.

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