Latest AFP Propaganda Spotted in New Hampshire

Americans for Prosperity, the large corporate funded right-wing PAC, founded by billionaire David Koch has been spotted in New Hampshire handing out leaflets telling lies about Obamacare and also lies about unions in order to garner support for Right to Work.

Koch Industries business site explains the mission of Americans for Prosperity and the sister organization, Americans for Prosperity Foundation as “AFP and AFP Foundation’s overall mission of promoting sound economic thinking is one in which we firmly believe. In addition, they stand for ideals that are critical to our nation’s future and the well-being of all people: limited government as set forth in the Constitution; fiscal responsibility; removing unnecessary barriers to entrepreneurship; and restoring fairness to our judicial system.”

Unfortunately an interest in sound economic thinking and concerns about the nation’s future is actually the last priority of Americans for Prosperity’s mission.  They also could obviously care less about the well-being of all people as they continue to push for cuts in social safety net programs that will lead this country deeper into division, violence and social collapse.

The flyers that were distributed around the state are highlighted on the AFP twitter feed and their website.  With pictures of eager young participants putting door hangers, the following lies are being spread:

1.  That Obamacare gives healthcare to “healthy adults who don’t work”.  This is an absolute lie as there exists by law no program today that funds non-working folks.  Unless the individual has a proven disability, laws for any assistance require a job search and if an individual were not working, they wouldn’t get Obamacare; they’d get either disability (as judged by application and an evaluation through a lengthy court process) or temporary assistance which requires a job search and you’d be on Medicaid.  If on disability you’d be on Medicare.  Evidence exists on federal and state websites like this:

Obamacare is not welfare.  Obamacare is a federally and state subsidized insurance program for working people who cannot afford health insurance alone through the private market and do not get health insurance from their employer.

Most Obamacare has actually become so expensive in co-pays that most working people still cannot afford to purchase healthcare, even through the assistance of Obamacare.

But the AFP would have working people believe that someone somewhere is getting a free ride and even though most people will need or could need a program like Obamacare someday, many believe they would not qualify or have enough security to not need it themselves.  Therefore, they fall for these lies and vote to have these programs cut.

Who wins? Not the country because most people need government programs and are entitled in fact to government programs because they pay taxes for them.

In fact what’s ironic is that David and Charles Koch and Koch Inc. haven’t decided to hand over the billions in subsidies they get for their fossil fuels business.  Nope, they are subsidized by you and me and enjoy a pretty good living at it, while at the same time attempting to get us to cut off our nose to spite our face — and give them a tax break!

But there’s more!  David and Charles Koch and his billionaire friends aren’t happy that they’ve got us subsidizing them to the tune of billions but they also can’t stand the idea that workers have gotten together over the years to work for better pay and better working conditions.

They want to go after your right to unionize as well.  In this bullshit meme which will probably become a door hanger as well, the Koch’s use lies and propaganda to push their anti-worker agenda as well.  Here’s a good article from the award-winning investigative magazine, Mother Jones that tells the story about Right to Work and what it means — it’s actually based on an attempt by Republicans in New Hampshire to pass Right to Work. Right to Work Laws Explained.

New Hampshire is only one state of all the states that the large corporate lobbies like AFP and others such as the business-lobbying group/club called ALEC which has paid lobbyists who propose legislation to state legislators.  They meet at least once a year and invite as many corporate businesses as they can to join and then come to their seminars where the businesses network with lobbyists and tell them what they want for laws to “help” their business activities.  Limiting or even outright destroying workers’ right to organize for better pay and working conditions has always been on the top of business’ priority list.
Afterall, labor is always the most difficult unit of production to control and track.  Business has learned over the years that no matter how one tries, it’s just near impossible to turn a human being into a machine or a slave.  They will revolt, they will get tired, they will get sick, they need sleep, rest, sustenance and most importantly, their safety, health and dignity.  Take that away and people tend to get a little pissed. Hence the labor movement.

The propaganda states that only 6% of union workers voted “have actually voted for their unions”.  This non-factual statement could mean anything but only those who actually participate in a union realize how empty this statement is.  Union participation in day-to-day voting and events does not pass onto members, as all members realize — they have work to do everyday as well and leave the hired professionals to handle the daily business of negotiating contracts, making employers follow the law and their agreements, finding more work and looking for more skilled workers for the union’s future.

Most union members also know that only a small minority ever attends meetings.  What the AFP won’t tell anyone outside of a union is because this is their choice; whether right or wrong members overall don’t attend meetings and leave most of the volunteer and official work to others.  This does not represent a capitulation by union members, of the benefits and privileges afforded by being a union member.

Right to Work has nothing to do with granting any rights to workers — it has to do with taking rights away from workers who wish to work with each other to push for better living standards and a businesses compliance with the law.

Smart, labor minded and worker minded people do not get sucked into the propaganda that is spewed by anti-worker anti-democratic organizations like the AFP.  Non-union people, unable or not knowing how to form their own union feel jealous of the union member.  They know the union member has better benefits and pay and has the power to rattle some bones if things go south with their boss.  But instead of working with people who might want to better their lives to better their jobs or instead of asking a union brother or sister about how a union works, they’d rather cut their nose off to spite their face.

Corporate liars can only appeal to the most desperate the most ignorant and while ignorance can be cured with a little effort to learn, the only cure for desperation is security and peace of mind.  We will never have anything close if we are all forced to work for whatever the boss tells us and we have no right to do anything about it.

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