You Can Keep Your Queen

The words of a man struggling with what Caitlyn Jenner’s transition means to him. While the popular memes follow the script, many suffer in silence, like millions of women, who Jenner’s co-opting of supposed feminism for a photo-op doesn’t do squat to represent a woman’s experience, struggle or life, but merely mock it, so to says this man does he feel.


For AO

I never wanted to write about Caitlyn (Bruce) Jenner.  I have run from this story for months, trying to stay one step ahead of the monster. Don’t look back.  You can never look back. Through the rumors and tabloid stories, through the interview I stood strong. I persevered as long as I could, but yesterday I broke. I looked back. I can no longer resist. I must write or risk becoming a gibbering fool.  The following is not an analysis of the cover, of Caitlyn herself. It is not an exploration of feminism, class, gender, or celebrity, though all are present. For a better analysis than I could ever conceive, read my friends Aoife , Carly, and Miranda. Brilliant transsexual women, at different stages in their lives, equally affected by Caitlyn’s reveal. This is an exploration of my feelings and the herculean effort to come to terms with the…

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