Guinta Revealed by FEC Investigation to Be Very Spoiled and Very Ungrateful

Frank Guinta, District 1 (R) and shame of New Hampshire.

The Union Leader, in their so far unsuccessful campaign to chase NH District 1 Congressman and General Embarrassment out of office, has taken the time to read through the FEC investigation.  According to the Union Leader report, Guinta’s mother ” told investigators that she and her husband “decided $1 million of wealth would be available to each of their three children,” Thus ma and pa gave Frankie checks that in effect became advances on that one million dollar inheritance.  But that doesn’t stop there.  Ma and pa also took care of Frankie when he ran for mayor of Manchester, paying for his campaign expenses, his credit cards and even paying the mortgages on his two properties:

Even though its a bit old now, its never too late to take at look the collection of commentary from the O’Brien Doofus Brigade: Miscellany Blue: The Enemy of my Enemy is My Friend

“His parents wrote him other checks between 2001 and 2010, totaling at least $57,050 to pay for a variety of Guinta’s personal expenses, “such as his mayor campaign, his credit card bills, and his mortgages on two properties,” according to the FEC report.” What really hits home though about Guinta’s character besides how obvious it is that a man who runs as a Tea Partier, an ultra-conservative party that loves to bleat about self sufficiency and hard work, should at least walk the walk.  In other words, if you believe in being a responsible hard worker then be one and stop asking mom and dad to bail you out and pay for your personal expenses.  That’s just being spoiled, creepy family grifter which may be why his sister explained that she had no idea about any money at all being set aside for anyone. Every dysfunctional family has one; the spoiled child who gets all the attention, all the support and adulation of their parents, often at the expense of other members of the family.  We hope his sister was on the phone looking for her 1 million as soon as her deposition had ended.


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