Now For Something Totally Different

yet with a very cool sound.  From Latinos Post

“The song is ‘Abale Ndikum Gem’ by Gasper Nali, next to the Nkhata Bay in the Republic of Malawi. He is playing a small drum with his foot and one of his large string guitars that he makes of recycled materials, including wire from burnt tires. Nali was featured in the documentary, ‘Deep Roots Malawi’, where he explains the origin of his instrument.

Translated to English from Chichewa, the national language of Malawi, “Back in Zingwangwa my younger brother first made a guitar with three strings. I told him it was a good idea to make that kind of instrument. We started practicing and the sound was good, really good. So we decided to make a one-stringed guitar, which is called a Babatoni. We cut a cow skin and fixed it on a mortar well. When we played people loved the music.”

Watch the original video of Nali here: []
Watch Nali and many other inspiring musicians in ‘Deep Roots Malawi’ here (Nali is approx. 22 min in): []
Visit his MySpace page to listen to a few more his tunes: []

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