Well That Didn’t Take Long

Newly elected state rep Yvonne Dean-Bailey from Rockingham District 32, who squeaked by in her win against Maureen Mann, told her buddies at the conservative whiner rag Campus Reform for persecuted junior wingnuts nationwide that she suffered ill treatment on the campaign trail, “At my own college conservatives were alienated and when I ran for office the majority of the attacks from the left were based on my gender and age,” Dean-Bailey said…

Well, you know the old saying “If you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen.”

Campus Reform described Dean-Bailey as a “campus correspondent’.  Dean-Bailey also liked to describe herself as a journalist, basing this of course on her experience with the Campus Reform website.  The writer also stated, “Dean-Bailey has extensive political experience…” and named the campaigns she’s volunteered on, an extensive list no doubt, but she’s 19 years old.  How many months were packed into about two years of life?

Oh wait, there we go, making a point of her age.

Which brings us back to her assertions about the campaign.  If any issues were made about Dean-Bailey’s age this writer can assert for certain that none came from Maureen Mann nor would any have been condoned by her campaign.  When I did the interview with her in April when asked to discuss her opponent and her age and inexperience, Mann was adamant that her campaign not “go there”.  Mann knew the issues well enough and knew her district and the state well enough to have a wealth of information to work on without personal attacks.

Dean-Bailey has no experience, no wealth of information or knowledge to draw on.  She’ll be yet another ill informed tool stuck to the extremist mix of libertarian and tea party dogma and most likely taking direction from others most of the time.  We’ll be watching.

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