Bird-Dogging: Learn the Important Skill of Questioning Candidates!

As the primary season warms up candidates from all over the country will visit New Hampshire to do their requisite glad-handing and baby kissing.  Wouldn’t it be great to get a chance to ask the burning questions on your mind and everyone else’s this season?  Don’t you think you have that right?

Well of course you do! What’s best is that right in Concord there exists folks ready to help you get connected with those who can lead on your way to holding politicians accountable to the people.  The importance of what many like to call “bird-dogging” after the practice of sending the dog out to snuff out the hunter’s prey cannot be over-stated.  Like the bird-dog, your job as a citizen would be to snuff out the truth behind all the fluff-talk and happy-jabber that politicians love to dole out.  Nothing better than making a politician dance around those difficult and uncomfortable questions!  For an example, we give you the here a video and write-up from experienced bird-dogger, Elizabeth Ropp as she puts Rick Perry on the hot-seat:

Rick Perry WMUR Town Hall

Elizabeth on April 16, 2015
I asked Rick Perry what he would do to prevent crony capitalism from corrupting our economy and our government. He dodged the question. I continued to push the issue from my seat in the audience.

Check out the video here. Jump to 13:44 to see his answer.

He got so hung up on the first part of my question which was “I work for a small business and small business is the engine of New Hampshire’s economy.” But he ignored the second statement: “But they cannot afford to spend millions of dollars in campaign contributions to fund election campaigns and to hire lobbyistys.  What will you do to prevent crony capitalism from corrupting our economy and our governement.”

He dodged the question and focused on Dodd Frank and the small business economy of Texas.  At his conclusssion, I looked to Josh from WMUR and said “he did not answer my question.”  Josh followed up with a follow up question on large campaign contributions from corporations.  Perry continued to dodge.  I was in my seat at this point and Rick Perry was looking and speaking directly at me.  I responded back to him off mic.

“I am talking about large corporations funding election campaigns.”

Rick Perry continued to dodge and say he is not for sale.

I responded again, “You and every politician who comes here is relying on large sums of money from their corporations.”

Josh tried to step in and Rick Perry continued to address me.

I said one last thing: “This is the system.”

So you’re excited right? You wanna try this right?  Well, don’t just sit there! Get up and get registered!  Make a call, drive to Concord if you are in New Hampshire or close by.  Then let’s go!

Get Involved

The American Friends Service Committee wants you to get involved with the Governing Under the Influence project, now underway in New Hampshire and Iowa.  Here’s how:

Be a Bird Dog

Sign up to learn how you can use your voice to shape the unfolding political debate in direct dialogue with presidential candidates.  We’ll provide training, let you know where the candidates will be, and help you decide what to ask/tell them.   You can use our blog to file reports and share your experience with others.

Help us Educate the Public

Join our GUI Banner Team to bring our educational displays to public places, like fairs, festivals, and locations where candidates will be speaking.   Help AFSC organize workshops, film showings, and other educational programs in your community.

Use your Social Media

Spread the word through Facebook, Twitter, your own blog, and other social media.  Tweet and re-tweet using #GUI2016.

Volunteer in the Office

Our offices in Des Moines and Concord can use your help updating data bases, researching candidate plans for our calendar, and calling other volunteers.

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