When They Say Liberty, They Don’t Mean Liberty for You

NARAL has an excellent video out that highlights the hypocrisy of the gun-nut/liberty contingent.  The point is clear; when they say “protect our liberty”, when they say “government encroachment on our rights” they aren’t referring to women.

They aren’t referring to the right of a woman to have any liberty to choose what she does with her body.  They aren’t referring to the right of a woman to choose whether she’ll be a mother.  Despite the fact that science has long since put that right into women’s hands and within reach of women’s daily lives, there’s an entire faction of people that work tirelessly to take that freedom of choice; what they like to call “liberty” out of her hands.  They work tirelessly to make the ability of a woman to determine the direction of her life and her future solely her own decision an impossibility.

While they bleat on and on about government interference in their lives, they work to increase government interference in women’s lives and in the most demeaning and invasive ways they can.

Again, remember, when they shout about liberty, they don’t mean liberty for you.

[Note also the comments from the gun-lobby’s flying monkeys, the gun comparison really hits a chord.  Unfortunately they are painfully tin-eared.]

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