NH GOP Kicks NH Rebellion to the Curb

As reported by WMUR News, the NH GOP leadership has booted the non-partisan “NH Rebellion” from their rah-rah camp being held at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Nashua this weekend.

Expected to pull in some GOP heavy-weights, the GOP leadership apparently didn’t like how the Mayday pact went after their defeated darling Scott Brown in the last election.  Apparently, contrary to Lessig’s assumption, the Mayday pact’s contribution to the Upper Valley moderate Republican Jim Rubens and Bedford libertarian group Stark360 didn’t win them any love with GOP leader Jennifer Horn.

One of the organizers told WMUR that the Executive Director for the NH GOP was “very, very sorry” for the misunderstanding and said they refunded NH Rebellion their $500 table fee.  Apparently though, Jennifer Horn wasn’t “very, very sorry” saying to WMUR, “This summit is an event for Republican activists to hear from our potential presidential candidates, not a platform for the self-absorbed antics of a liberal Harvard professor. Professor Lessig and his friends are free to protest off the hotel premises with every other liberal group,”

Ouch, that’s gotta sting!

Possibly if Ray Buckley and others among the NH Democratic leadership could take some notes? Just imagine not having a Democratic house caucus full of Free Stater libertarians.

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