The House Budget and Priorities of the Current NH GOP…

In considering the horribly extremist budget proposed by the New Hampshire house of Representatives, which will make dramatic cuts in social programs, cause further stress of already overworked state departments, push more people on the unemployment line with induced lay-offs, one has to wonder, what is on the minds of the New Hampshire GOPers?

Because apparently, its not the health and welfare of the people of New Hampshire that concerns the GOP in the House.  As seen in Carl Gibson’s well researched outline for Thinkprogress, the suffering proposed by the GOP will be broad and expansive.

At least for working regular working folks.  With reductions to the business profits tax and other tax burdens levied almost exclusively on the privileged, the priorities of the New Hampshire GOP seem clearly centered on giving the wealthy and comfortable a bit more wealth and comfort — and funding that on the backs of the working people and the most vulnerable in the state.

So while homeless shelters close and people cringe under bridges, while addicts scratch their arms and panhandle the streets for another hit because they couldn’t get a bed at the rehab center, while terrified children wait for mental health services in hospital emergency wards, while corrections officers are demanded to shoulder more hours without rest and other human atrocities occur, the GOPers tell their constituents to look at the shiny thing as susanthebruce finds:

Why NH Can’t Have Nice Things

From the April 10 NH House Calendar: SB 101, prohibiting the state from requiring implementation of common core standards. MAJORITY: OUGHT TO PASS. MINORITY: INEXPEDIENT TO LEGISLATE.

Rep. Glenn Cordelli for the Majority of Education. Common core has been a divisive and confusing issue for local districts and in the state. This bill states clearly that the common core standards are not required to be implemented in any school district. 
Vote 11-9.
Rep. Barbara E. Shaw for the Minority of Education. No law in New Hampshire requires school districts to adopt the common core standards, nor has it been mandated by the department of education. Therefore, SB 101 is unnecessary.This is a perfect illustration of the current NH legislature.

Indeed it is a perfect illustration of a legislature, majority GOP, that is more interested in worshiping loopy ideology that is serviced by hyper-funded, corporate pamphleteers than addressing the needs of the citizens of New Hampshire.

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