For ‘Rick’ of Granite Grok

We’re posting this piece here for Rick who responded with such offense at our piece highlighting Jeb Bradley’s support of what we called “gun-nuts”.  As shown in the article below, possibly Rick and his friends are right; we do need to keep ourselves armed at all times and of course, anyone who wants to should be able to be armed at all times, without any permission from anyone, not even a basic screening for mental health and ability to follow logic.

Because again, how else will we act when we’re challenged or harassed? Leaving the situation? Responding with reason?  Deciding not to engage? No way!  Which is why we need MOAR GUNZ!

Man Always Carries Gun In Case He Needs To Escalate Situation

TEMPE, AZ—Stressing the importance of being prepared for any circumstance that may occur, local man James Donner told reporters Monday he carries a gun on his person at all times in case he ever needs to escalate a situation. “I never leave home without my Glock, because you just don’t know when someone might mouth off to you in a bar and leave you with no choice but to turn a minor altercation into a tense life-or-death scenario,” said Donner, noting that he keeps his loaded weapon in a hip holster should the need arise for him to respond quickly, and with deadly force, when he is angered by a perceived slight. “Look, I hope to God no one ever tries to hit on my wife while I’m within earshot, but in the real world, things like this do happen. Sometimes you only have a split second to react and make things exponentially more dangerous.” At press time, sources confirmed Donner was pulling up next to a Honda Civic that had cut him off in traffic several blocks earlier.

From: Man Always Carries Gun in Case He Needs to Escalate Situation

Also: We’re sure Jeb Bradley has far greater reasoning skills than the above, we’re not so sure about those among the extremist gun “rights” crowd in New Hampshire.  Which is of course, our cause for concern.

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