Jeb Bradley Does it Again!

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Love-making gun nutter style. These are the priorities of the gun-nuts; their own “right” to worship and caress their guns anywhere at anytime, the public’s safety be damned.

Jeb Bradley shows us once again that he’s always looking out for his own political skin at the expense of the safety of the people of his district.

In this particular instance, Senator Bradley introduced the bill SB 116 to remove all restrictions to carrying a concealed weapon.  We recall very clearly that Senator Bradley was for Northern Pass awhile back as well; that is until the people that will be most effected by it started an embarrassing ruckus.  Obviously the Senator need a reminder that the majority of constituents, including gun owners support some regulation of concealed carry.

Does Jeb Bradley need this minority constituency? Is he so deaf, dumb and blind that he can’t see that the majority of people aren’t badgering him about carrying a concealed weapon because well, they have lives to lead and they elected Jeb to make good decisions on their behalf.  Unfortunately, once again, he’s failed.

This bill, if passed by the full house will open up all citizens of New Hampshire and visitors to the possibility of a lethal attack by an unhinged person legally carrying a loaded handgun.  A loaded handgun, we might add, that no one will have the opportunity to be forewarned about, that no one will have the opportunity or option to get away from; a loaded handgun that within seconds could kill anyone and possibly even multiple persons.

Now that the bill has passed the Senate, we’ll try our best to follow its path and publish information here.  Another hearing in the house will be held on this bill and we urge everyone come out against this.

Zandra-Rice Hawkins of Granite State Progress, a state-wide citizen’s political group had this to say:

“Requiring a license to carry a concealed weapon has worked well for New Hampshire for more than 90 years. These licenses are very easy and quick to obtain and do not place an unreasonable burden on law abiding citizens. SB 116 is a radical piece of legislation that jeopardizes public safety. New Hampshire does not require people to have a specific reason to conceal carry but does require that the applicant be a suitable person. This common sense law allows local police departments to deny a license when there is reason to believe a person is a danger to themselves or others. New Hampshire is one of 46 states that currently require a license to carry concealed weapons and we should not weaken our public safety laws now.”

More information on gun laws and concealed carry can be found at Granite State

Video below, (go ahead, be bored to death) of Representative John Burt proving to someone, somewhere his manly man-hood by shooting a semi-automatic rifle at a target.  Because its his SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHT OMG!

This is what Senator Jeb Bradley has lowered himself to.

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3 thoughts on “Jeb Bradley Does it Again!

  1. groksterrick says:

    “Gun nuts” “gun nutter” These are “pejorative” descriptions about people engaging in lawful activity. Moreover, your photo depicting two very unsafe acts with guns, is not even close to representative to the firearm community. Have a look at the Graham’s Hierarchy Scale of Disagreement. Hyperbole is level 1. As of 1980, only six states had some form of concealed carry laws. As of 2014 42 states have concealed carry laws and last week Kansas was the fifth state to pass a law similar to SB 116. In the grand scheme of things it appears you have lost….and the constitution has won. Tough facts to get around.

    • And the climb in concealed carry law is a matter of concern why? Do we want nutters running around armed without proper screening? Most of the public has been pretty clear that they don’t.

      As for Graham’s Scale of Hierarchy, possibly your side should practice that yourselves more often. Making hypbolic statements is the stock and trade of the right-wing, along with using racist dog whistles and anti-government paranoia to drive up the hysterics and drive gun sales. The right wing has been the master of hyperbole has it not?

      Jeb’s support of the extremist wing of the gun lobby is nothing more than craven political maneuvering with little regard for the safety of people who live in communities, particularly urban communities such as Manchester. In fact, wasn’t an armed cop killed in Manchester by an unstable man with a gun?

      Concealed carry laws have increased in response to a serious increase in gun violence which gun “rights” organizations never have an answer to resolving, save to point the fingers at those communities (taking themselves rhetorically out of the picture there) and to make the laughable claim that personal gun ownership somehow reduces violent gun crime.

      Also I’m sorry you chafe at the “gun nut” claim but hey, that’s your constituency, including the guys in the photo who like so many on your side seem to enjoy spending inordinate amounts of time worshiping these weapons of human destruction and trivializing their real purpose and danger. In a nutshell (no pun intended), thou protesteth a bit too much.

  2. James says:

    Poll taxes and literacy test were easy and simple too. Once upon a time.

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