[White] Woman Goes on Shooting Spree in Her Car and Survives

Just caught an excellent opinion piece by the writer Frank Vyan Walton, from Daily Kos on the continuing exposure of the dual justice system we have in America.  We’re told as children that the job of police exists to “protect and serve”, unfortunately as many of us have known since childhood and now is continuously exposed nationally, the protection is for white people’s safety, property and power and the serve is in service to the 1%.  Not white? No justice, no protection for you.  White? Don’t worry, you can be a crazed old man with an automatic rifle threatening to kill everyone around you or a crazed white woman armed and shooting.  As long as you are white while crazy, white while stupid, white while a completely dangerous, threatening menace to society, you’ll get a chance.  Please read below:

[White] Woman Goes on Shooting Spree yet somehow isn’t automatically Killed by Police

“We’ve been told repeatedly that if only Eric Garner hadn’t resisted, or been so fat, the medical examiner wouldn’t have found that his death was a homicide due to asphyxiation.   We’ve been told that if only Michael Brown hadn’t been a vicious cigarillo thug he wouldn’t have received a bullet wound in his arm that either came from the back while he was running away, or from the front while he hands were up as he traveled forward at the stunningly rapid speed of 2.59 mph. [Calculated by dividing 25 ft by the 6.572 secs it took to fire the shots that killed him]  We’ve been told that if only Jonathan Crawford had dropped the toy air-rifle he picked up from the shelves at Walmart within two seconds, that if only Tamir Rice had dropped his BB Gun within one second, and if only Darrien Hunt hadn’t been running away as police shot him in the back for “brandishing” an unsharpened Katana Sword, all three of these people would still be alive today.

So then why exactly is this person still alive after going on a violent shooting spree, including pointing her gun at officers while wearing body armor?

Read more here :

[White] Woman Goes on Shooting Spree yet somehow isn’t automatically Killed by Police


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