Gun Nuts in the Chamber! With Guns and Billy O’Brien is Titled.

As reported all over the country it appears, even appearing in the Washington Post, the NH House GOP continues with their in-fights. Of course what the post politely chooses to leave out is the history of the Bill O’Brien led house, the bullying, over the top favoritism and extremist libertarian and Tea Party style ideology driven session under his direction.

Billy O; self titled, “Leader of the Caucas” is also “Keeper of the Bitter Pill” that he refuses to swallow.



His loyal followers have attempted to derail state house proceedings after their man wasn’t elected as speaker and instead of acting like adults they’ve continued on like ill tempered teens, threatening to well, do something, such as open an office across the street from the state house for their little club.  Of course proving himself a leader as always, sources say, O’Brien has now adopted the title “Republican Caucus Leader”.  Someone send him a tiara please.

The Change that Changed the Change: Unfortunately the mean girls managed to band together long enough to make a rules change to change the rule about guns back to the rule it was when Bully ‘O was in power, or back to what it was prior to the seventies, however you want to look at it.  In 2012, the rule was changed back to the older ban on guns in chambers. Now the boys have voted to change the change once again allowing firearms into the house chambers.  As quoted in the Boston Globe, “We’re not talking about the Wild West,” said state Representative Fred Rice, a Republican from Hampton. “We’re not talking about irresponsible people running around waving guns in the air. . . . We’re asking for the right to do what we do in our daily lives.” Sure everyone talks about politically and socially contentious issues while armed.

We’d have to dispute that also considering some of the state reps and their state of mind, being as how many are convinced that the community sustainability plans of Agenda 21 (because it sounds like a sci-fi movie?) and renewable energy goals must be a nefarious plot laid down by solar-powered communists from Mars.  Yes folks, the John Birch Society is alive and well and has, like a vampire in the night, taken hold of state reps in New Hampshire.

The bill was sponsored by Goffstown state rep. John Burt, an extreme lover of guns himself who also said, “Where I have an issue is if a nut with a gun comes into this chamber, the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun, whether it is a state trooper or a fellow representative.”  At least, one that can hold onto his guns long enough to aim in the right direction.  Anyway, when Rep. Burt speaks of nuts, he might want to look in his own mixed bag first.

More seriously, as always Burt’s representation of the existence of a current and present danger at every moment in every place speaks of a very strange if not, illusory world.  But any justification will do when it comes to the so-called right to run around with a weapon.  A weapon mind you that leaves no time for justice; but murders without warning and without due process.  This is the world and the justice Burt and his band of buddies envision for us all.

Wed like to propose that the house Democrats put forward a bill to require seating separated by party and a bullet-proof glass between the aisle.  Then, no worries, shoot away!  For more info on politicians and guns click the Mother Jones article, “Loaded Chambers: A Brief History of Politicians Accidentally Shooting Things

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