Power to the People: How Ballot Initiatives Can Achieve the Change We Need

Just linked to us from Paul Brochu, a very dedicated activist and NH IWW leader. Paul proposes that possibly there’s another avenue to getting our work done on key issues on the national level besides relying on career politicians.

ballot initiatives

Adequately Outraged:

By: WP Brochu

The 2014 mid-term elections are officially in the books. Barack Obama’s Democratic party (or so the RNC would have voters believe) took a shellacking on a national level and more ethically suspect politicians have been sent to snuggle up with K Street in January. This next American Congress will continue its dysfunction as the millionaires that are overseeing the operation of a civilization are locked in a perpetual theater of struggle. Fortunately, the continuing momentum of progressive ballot measures in deeply conservative states suggests that the glorified petty popularity contests politics have become can be bypassed with direct mandates from the people.

The grinding machine of traditional electoral and legislative politics has refined itself through years of research and experience in publicity, image manipulation and importance of access to a powerful few. The causes become entwined with the people and whole movements can be stymied through either…

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