France PM Hollande Decides to Intervene in Mali

Paris, France – 18/01/2013 French President Francois Hollande has come out in full support of the Algerian Army raid to rescue hostages being held by Islamist Fundamentalists in the Algerian desert. The army used helicopters and tank artillery to attack the hostage takers who held more than 100 Algerian and foreign nationals.

Details of the attack remain uncertain with the number of slain hostages in doubt. The kidnappers claim that over 35 foreign nationals were killed by the Algerian military raid that came after the Islamists asked that they be granted the ability to leave the country.

In a poll released today, 75% of the French people said they support President Hollande’s decision to intervene in the African nation, of Mali, located south of Algeria. The purpose of the French intervention was to prevent a takeover of the nation of Mali by Islamist rebel troops that had already taken over half the country.  The Islamists said they took the hostages in response to the French action of intervention. In their demands, they had asked that the Algerians refuse to let French military use Algerian air space in their intervention.

The intervention in Mali by the French is being supported by the British and American governments. The United States is providing logistical support and has sent at least one unarmed drone over the BP gas facility in the desert. Neighboring African nations of Niger, Togo and Nigeria are also sending about 5,200 additional troops to help the French and Mali military.

Nick Vazzana


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