Tell it Brother! Michgian Rep Slams Fellow Legislators Hard!

Workers at capital building in Lansing day of vote.

Workers at capital building in Lansing day of vote.

Finally, unfortunately a little too late as Michigan, in a heavily controlled and blocked manner managed to pass the “Right To Work” bill in one of the traditionally strongest union states in the country.  A Democratic Rep from Grand Rapids, Brandon Dillon had finally had enough and called bullshit on the entire lot.  Standing before his fellow legislators he hammers them hard on their slimy tactics in keeping the people from voicing their opinion on this bill before being voted on or allowing amendments, or even allowing the public in to view the voting.

Representative Dillon deserves a pat on the back for his courage in being a truth-teller in front of the fools and stooges who have answered to the ALEC agenda of destroying American labor and breaking the backs of working people across the country.

Click here to get to his website, send him a note, give his office a call.  We need to encourage those who speak truth to power.  This man has principles and we need more of that, what’s most telling is that he points out that his district is not a strong union district; but he demonstrated the ability to see the big picture and not just the interests of the people in his district only.

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