Mediation for Activists, Organizers and Service Providers Working to Change the World

As we do this work, with a vision in our heads of what shall be, of what we hope for, we must always remember to stop and take some quiet time for ourselves, to nurture ourselves.  Because if we do not nurture ourselves and to regenerate our energy, we will burn out.  If we don’t remember that the primary focus of our work, deep within us is the belief in the potential of humanity to live as one with the earth, in harmony.  We must also work to seek harmony within ourselves.

Take some time, just five minutes, relax and remember the struggle of our forebears and how our struggle will build the legacy that others will forge on with and carry after we are gone from this earth.

From Fairyfarmgirl Digest:

Interconnectedness: Positive Humanity United and Connecting with each other

Interconnectedness:  Positive Humanity United Connecting

OCTOBER 21, 2012:  A Day of Living Meditation of LOVE and Envisioning the NEW EARTH

We are all on the Same Side of Polarity.  We are Positive:  Love.  This is the time for all of Positive Humanity to come together in Unity– in  a state of Interconnectedness.

As you seek to seperate yourself based on what you percieve as a better way to meditate, dietary dictates and other Belief Systems, take a breathe and consider this:  We are all on the same side– LOVE.  We all have chosen  to be on the side of Positive Humanity.  We actively choose to act kindly toward our brothers and sisters– toward all that is around us.

It is time for Positive Humanity to Unite and Connect with each other, physically and/or transpersonally, and/or via online communities, and/or in spirit through meditation, and/or other means of connection.

This is the time to make the choice to work with others that may be different in their expression of physicality and habits from you– AND, yet, they have CHOSEN LOVE.  Love More and Expect Miracles.

Have any of you decided not to work with the Dolphin Nation because they eat fish and crustaceans and sometimes smaller whales and other dolphins?

Most of you would say that is a ridiculous statement!  “Why would I do that?”    You ask us, and aloud to the universe.

Why would you do that?”  Fairy Asks you.

Why would you do that?  Fairy asks you as you judge other lightworkers, and concerned Positive Human Beings of Earth for their different habits, choices, enculturated ideas and beliefs and morals.

This is what has kept the LIGHTWORKERS throughout Earth from uniting.  Arguing over another’s merit to be a Positive Human Being on the Side of LOVE because they do not make the same diet choices or have the same habits as you.  This is simply inneffective for the cause of Planetary Ascension.


It is time to dig out the Compassionate Communication Skills and dust them off.  It is time to act diplomatically toward others.

It is TIME for Positive Humanity to Unite and work together for the Side of LOVE.  It is simply TIME.  This is the message that I, Fairy Farm Girl, bring to you from the Beautiful Many

The Beautiful Many are made up of  The Galactics, Angelics, Concerned Elder Healers of the Star Nations, the Star Beings, and the Sirian, Pleiadian and Arcturians, the Fairy Realm, and Mother Earth-Gaia– this is why Elizabeth calls them the Beautiful Many.

We are all siblings.  We are a Family of many different Beings.  As a family, we must work together and see that the whole is the Family United for the Care and Concern of our Planetary Body as well as the Body of Humanity.

We repeat again, We Must Work Together.

Begin today.  Forgive those who you see as wayward Lightworkers.  Accept that others can be different from you and still be a Lightworker, on the same side of Love as you are.

It is time to begin Living your meditation as a life-way.  Envision the New Earth and see yourself as in a state of interconnection with all your Sisters and Brothers of Positive Humanity.

This is part of the essential process of integrating our shadow.  The collective Lightworker Shadow is to oppose that which is not in harmony with your “belief system” about what you think it means to be on the Side of Love.  This is the Dogma of the Human Lightworkers.  The Dogma is the same as the Dogma practiced by human created religions.  The Dogma is:  My way is the Only Way.  This is simply a falsehood.  There are many ways to express Love.  Love seeks only that which is Love.  Love Expands Love.  Judgement expands Fear.  Judge not and Fear Not.  Love More and Expect Miracles.

Expanding Awareness is an ongoing process of Personal Work.  Ascension is a Process of Expanding Awareness.  We must Expand our Awareness to Ascend.

Opposition strengthens the Dark.  It empowers it powerfully to continue business as usual.  Admitedly, their time is coming to a close in a slow way that at this time could take years and years.  Consider this, as you argue with your Lightworking Neighbor, you are putting the Dark Cabal on life support and feeding it.  You keep it alive by your outrage at what “that lighworker” over there is doing.

Some things that are said amongst you is:

Yoga is the only way to Ascension

Raw Veganism is the Only way to Ascension

Eating meat will keep you from Ascension.

Zen Meditation is the Only Way to Ascension.

We could go on, on and on and on and on with this list.  We trust you have are coming into alignment with understanding a new truth to you– but it is really an Ancient true truth:

Differentness is part of the uniqueness of each of you.  Interconnection contains the unique distinctness of each of you and at the same time you are part of the whole.

Take for instance, the example of  a vast and infinite ceiling… it is made up of many ceiling tiles– all individual, distinct, with uniqueness, and yet it is still interconnected and part of the whole:  the Ceiling.  We are all in this together.  We must work together.  We must all connect. Thus, it is Time for Interconnectedness:  Positive Humanity United and Connecting with each other.

It is time to come together as a field of Living Love and envision the New Earth.  Lady Isis has shown the way– as many others have as well.  The message is clear– Envision it, speak it, and Love it into Being.  The Time is Now.  You are here Now to co-create the New Earth.

The New Earth looks different to each of you… the New Earth you may envision will have different environments from another who is envisioning the New Earth.  These are details that create bio-diversity.  Diversity is a strength.

The Unifying Field is LOVE.  Love is what is expressed as each of you envision the NEW EARTH.  The New Earth is full of Life, green, with clean air, water, and energy.  Everyone works diligently to be in harmony with each other.

Loving More is the guiding principle.  This is what the NEW EARTH is about.  It is the Envisioning of Love in Action as a Planetary Body which Humanity resides upon in a coherent state of actively c0-creating Peace.

Peace takes work.  It takes the work of Compassionate Communication.  It takes strength to cultivate peace, to allow another an expression that may be different from your own.

We bless you with Love.  Light Flows to Light.  Light expands Light.  All that is Light is filled with Love.  –Fairy Farm Girl and The Beautiful Many


Angel Messages

Isis’ Message of the Day –

Picture if you will in your minds the most  perfect and unimaginably beautiful place to live that you possibly can, and  picture yourselves living in this new breathtaking wonderland and picture your  friends and your family and animals and birds and trees and lakes and rivers and  a sparkling clean ocean that you can swim in, that you can sail on, and picture  all these things coming to you now. This is what we wish for you to do today  dear ones, for we wish for more of you to begin to consciously create your new  surroundings, for soon you will see these walls being built around you, so to  speak.

Soon, construction of your new world  will be made known to you. You will see what it is you have been building  through your thoughts and your dreams and your hopes and your inspiration.  Whatever it is that drives you, whatever it is that motivates you will be yours.  This is how it is all unfolding for you, and we wish to see more of you taking  part in your new Earth’s construction. We see many of you posting beautiful  photographs and we say to you this is a very good way to start, but we wish for  more of you to do even more. We wish for more of you to take the reins, as you  say, and begin to airbrush your world around you. To do this, you simply imagine  in your mind just what it is you wish for yourselves and this includes what it  is you wish to do for a career, what it is you will do for hobbies and fun, and  what it is you will do for pleasures and excitement and also what it is that you  do for others.

Yes. This is a very important and  necessary component to your new world, what it is you do in service to others,  for this is the foundation. These are the roots of the tree of your new home.  You are going to all learn how to be of service to others on a full-time basis.  You are going to learn the importance of selfless service to individuals who are  not you and who are not your family and who are, in many cases, not your friends  or even your next-door neighbors. You are going to learn to grace other people’s  lives, people you may know as strangers, people you may see walking on the  street or shopping at the market. People who you do not know, but you do know  somehow, someway, for they are your planet mates, they are your brothers and  sisters even if you do not know them by name.

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