Wake the F**K Up! Get Plugged In!

Kick Some Today!

Nothing more needs be said:

Want to get involved in your state? Need a job for a bit while doing the right thing?

Progressive Change Campaign is looking to hook people up with campaigns across the country, they need a wide range of skills and abilities, what talent do you have to offer?

Locally, if you live in New Hampshire paid canvassing positions are open, contact the following:

In the Manchester/southern New Hampshire area: contact Grassroots Solutions.  Grassroots Solutions is hiring employees full or part-time and running a full seven days, with pay at $12/hour. To apply, please fill out their online form.

Citizen’s Alliance – NH is also looking for part-time canvassers for Nashua and phone bankers out of their Concord office, paying $13/hour.  Click here – Jobs

Or statewide contact America Votes through jwhite@americavotes.org

If you don’t hear from anyone or get satisfaction, send us a note and we’ll help get you plugged in!

Are you an organizer looking for more support? Need some ideas for more effective campaigns? Interested in networking with other organizers nationwide? Interested in online training resources? The New Organizing Institute has the tools you’ve been looking for!

And now, on a final note:

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