Protesters Blockade Equipment and Camp in Trees to Stop XL Pipeline

The XL pipeline that has the tacit, bit by bit approval of the Obama administration and state officials in Texas, has faced a multitude of resistors against its construction.  First an article from the LA Times of 9/5/12 that details the equipment blockades:

Keystone XL protest

By Kim MurphySeptember 5, 2012, 11:05 a.m.

Activists battling a new oil pipeline chained themselves to bulldozers in Texas on Wednesday, temporarily halting route-clearance work in the latest protest against the Keystone XL project to carry oil from the tar sands of northern Canada.

Read rest of story here. New Keystone Pipeline Route Proposed, Activists Block Texas Site

Also, activists in East Texas have barricaded the passage way for the pipeline by building tree platforms and building scaffolding to tie the trees together in defiance of the upcoming construction crews.

Tar Sands Tree Blockade

Click below for up-to-the hour updates on the tree blockade

BREAKING: Two People Lock Themselves to Keystone XL Machinery to Defend Eight People in Tree Village

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