Pome of the Day

Mamma Romney will give you some…maybe if you play nice
she’ll give you a slice



Come to Mama’s Pizza shop

Pizza very nice

Drool at all the things on top

But never ask the price

You can come and stand outside

And smell the mozzarella

If it’s raining don’t forget

To bring your own umbrella

Watch as Mama’s friends go in

Don’t get in the way

If they kick you in the shins

Be careful what you say

Watch out! Here comes Sonny Boy

Did you bring a sheet?

Lie down, let him walk on you

He mustn’t wet his feet

Mama cuts the pizza up

Mama feeds her friends

Will you get some crumbs as well?

Well, it all depends

Were you nice to Sonny Boy?

Did you kiss his tushie?

Were you gentle, full of joy?

He hates it when you’re pushy.

Mama’s pizza, hot and fresh

Pizza very nice

If you bend down far enough

You could get a slice.

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