Neo-Nazi Skin-Head Group Gets Benefit Concert at Atlantic City Casino

An excellent article detailing the recent announcement that a New Jersey based Neo-Nazi skinhead group has booked a benefit event at the Golden Nugget casino.   Read on:

Bryan Bradley

It’s one thing if everyone in South Jersey wants to pretend that Bryan Bradley, the founder of the Atlantic City “Skinheads”, was not a sick neo-Nazi scumbag who’s crew was responsible for a lot of violence and murder over the past twenty years. It’s another if people within his inner circles attempt to make money from his memory and taking advantage of those who are keeping their heads in the sand about him. Don’t be one of them. Call the Golden Nugget in Atlantic City at (609) 441-2000 and tell them what is up with this show on Sept. 16. You can right-click to enlarge picture.

One People’s Project

ATLANTIC CITY, NJ—Ever since the neo-Nazi founder and leader of New Jersey’s largest and most violent neo-Nazi street gang was struck and killed by a bolt of lightning last year while working as a construction worker on the new Revel Casino,  his old gang has been attempting to benefit from the lack of attention to his history by the local media, politicians and even some of the leaders of the union he was a member of.  Now his widow, herself a longtime association of the crew he led, and his brother are planning an event next month at one of the city’s casinos purporting to benefit a foundation in his name.

More of the story can be gleaned here

Update: Apparently the ‘event’ was called off in September.  In this update is a video of the IBEW paying their respects to their fallen comrade, one can’t help but wonder how many of the white male workers there were sympathetic to the racist cause and how many of the non-white folks are gritting their teeth during all that bru-haha.

h/t Wobbly Paul

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One thought on “Neo-Nazi Skin-Head Group Gets Benefit Concert at Atlantic City Casino

  1. lowerarchy says:

    The lightning strike almost makes me believe in a god…

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