Submitted July 4th, thanks Mark.


I see from my balcony
the expanse Of a fifteen story view
To the west and north fireworks
Greens, reds, blues, white pops and flashes
Everywhere, everywhere.
As far as the eye, gunpowder
and the haze of summer clouds
Long cleared of rain now
Will let me see
We are clowns
painting The landscape
With fire in the skies
If they would come to understand
That we are no longer free
Small minds require big attractions
Fireworks are but temporary distractions
From the stark reality that
Every man who is in debt is owned
That We are a country of debtors
Living in a debtor nation
that We are owned
By our employers
By our government
By our banks
So why is this a celebration
And not a revolution.
Ignorance is truly bliss
Pop, bang, fizz, whirl
Pop, bang, fizz, bang
The celebration fades
Crying babies sleep now
Their parents drive home
Off to work again in the morning
And so this postman’s holiday

Mike Murburg

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